Taking Life for Granted

Taking Life for Granted

As I woke on this Monday morning here in The Campbell Kingdom the animal’s urgency struck me as odd. I got up after Bob Cat and Campbell both began to take turns poking and nudging me. After quickly feeding both of them I began to make a pot of tea for the morning instead of my usual coffee. I had two reasons for this. One, I was out of coffee, and needed a trip to the store. Two, my stomach wasn’t feeling quite ok after a bit of indulgent behavior yesterday evening with some drink.

Not much mined you, but I’m not as young as I used to be so I feel those hang-overs a bit more than I used to.  The medication I take doesn’t help either. So I was doomed from the start.  As I fiddled with the tea my animals both kept bugging me.

“Wait guys! I fed yall I am making my tea!  I will get Bubba out in a minute!” Seemed as though even Bob Cat was rushing me. When I finally made my way to the door a few minutes later they both ran ahead of me. I got Campbell leashed up and then saw I had no bag. “Dang! Wait! Right here Bug! I’ll be right back!” He lay down with a thunk and a sigh. He seemed to be saying, “Can you not see I am in a hurry?” I thought his rush was that it had been a while sense 11 or so last night, but it was a bit unusual. I expected a bad poo or a long long pee, or maybe an extra, but no! Once outside it was down to business. I noted that Bob Cat made his way quickly along the fence and soon heard him digging as well. Although he has a litter box he likes the earth better. I don’t guess I blame him.

As I started round the house for our morning walk, Campbell stopped. Dead still in the yard. He lifted his nose, and scented the air. Then he began to nudge me and tried to turn me around. I tried to argue, saying, “It’s late enough in the morning, folks are out and about. It’s almost time for everyone upstairs to get up. It’s ok.” I’d discouraged our walks in the late evenings or early early mornings, and so I thought that was his deal. It was not. Just as he was trying again to turn me a large clap of thunder sounded from above, and I felt the first fat drops of rain. “Well! I suppose our walk is canceled.” I reached over and scratched the big dog behind his ears. “Great job! Bubba Lee! I love you a lot. Never knew you were gonna help me with the weather. Let’s go inside.” We went in straight away. Stopping quickly to dump our burden in the trash before entering back through the curtain on the door in to our home.

We were safe and dry, and warm together. We stood loving each other, and then Bob Cat came sliding in behind us. “AWW! All together!” I sighed as I shut the door, and locked it tight. The thunder rolled again, and somehow it didn’t seem all that friendly. I thought, “If this storm doesn’t go round it might be hateful.”  

As of yet I have just heard a few mutterings and puttering, and not much more. A few strong puffs of wind and a few harsh rings of the chimes. I don’t like it when they ring that way, so as I sit typing I pray this prayer.


“Goddess thank you for my life, for all the removal of negativity and strife. I thank you for my home and my life, and all those who are in and without and accepted. I ask you keep us all protected. Blessid Be.”

Immediately, I felt better, and as I finish now I hear my family awakening above me and know that the day begins as normal.  I am glad to be a part of it, and I know that all I do this day will not only carry me forward but others as well.

As I finish with my first cup of tea, and listen to my family going through their morning routine, I think how lucky I am. I think about earlier and that I almost got annoyed at Campbell and Bob Cat for wanting their breakfast routine in such a rush. I thought about how funny they are about wanting things just so, and how this morning everything had seemed as though it were on fast forward. I thought about how I’d just been wishing everyone would leave me alone and that just one morning I didn’t have to do something for someone else. Then, they’d kept me safe from what they thought was going to be a storm. I realized just how fortunate I was to have someone to do something for. I’ve heard people complain about having to set out a favorite cup for their partner, having to always make sure the coffee is set because such and such is not a morning person, of how I used to hear one of my friends complain that her husband couldn’t get ready without her on a bet and how she even had to pack his suit case for his business trips. As I sit here I think how lucky they are, and I wonder how many little things do their partners or husbands do for them that go unnoted just as they feel their morning coffee or packing goes.

I think we can all take one another for granted. This morning I took my babies for granted, and I surely should not have. Each day we’re alive to do service of any kind for another we should do it with cheer, and with good will. If you are doing a deed for any reason and doing it with a clouded heart you are doing yourself and the one you do the deed for a disservice. You are taking your own blessing as well as theirs. Show kindness with kindness no matter the reason and you will always come out the victor.

Later In The Day

Later in the day the rain stopped, well? Maybe stopped, is the wrong word. It changed. It became a drizzling mist. So, Campbell and I went out. First we took a walk round the whole yard. Campbell made sure to sniff every single bit I could let him reach, and believe folks he gets a good snoot full.

Then I felt so well I decided, “What the hell! Why not just go for a walk?” I didn’t really feel like getting dressed, and going out yet, wasn’t sure I wanted to navigate the busses in the rain, and knew for sure I didn’t want to do groceries of any type. So a walk for the hell of it it would be.  I took Campbell back inside, and got him in his harness. Picked up my phone, and quickly packed my fanny pack and we were off. We made the first leg of our journey fine. Walking as we would if we were going to catch bus five. After Campbell took yet another pee, we were off again. Going at a good clip too, I might add. We made it all the way up to the bus stop for bus three, and we’d enjoyed ourselves so much, we decided not to turn left and stop at that corner with the bus stop, we crossed at the four way stop and kept going, and going and going and going. After a while we turned back, and I lost count of street crossings, and turned took a wrong street turn as is my way. This turned out to be the best fun on the planet. At first we weren’t sure where we were. Then I got directions from someone, because for whatever reason I had no signal on my phone and thus no GPS help.

I got some directions, figured out where I was exactly, and realized I had some great working opportunity just up the way. I kept going rather than turning back. We crossed a red-light and turned round and crossed it back. We were headed back home from what was East Severe and we were starting to get tired.

Soon we were back in our neighborhood again. We’d only needed one real piece of help, other than the directions, and we’d gotten that from a lady who saw us cross on to the wrong side of the street and got us back in the right direction. Soon we were turning in to our drive and I felt great, and very proud of my dog. We’d hardly slowed our pace at all.  In fact at one point Campbell and I had been walking so quickly we were almost at a jog, and I loved it. We were damp and sweaty from being in the rain, but I didn’t care. It was great fun, and we both needed it after being cooped up in the house all last week.

As I sit typing this out now I think back to how the morning started, and I am grateful again for both my Furkids, but King Campbell once again showed me he was always by my side, and would not fail me no matter what. He never cares if we are off the beaten path, or going down the wrong trail, all he cares about is getting me safely through my journey and back home, and he always does.

Have an awesome day, and remember, you are absolutely the only one who can make it that way.

Blessid Be!

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