Taking a Sickday

Taking a Sickday

Hi everybody.
As you all know, I can work through just about anything. But tonight I am dealing with some sickness, I have been dealing with all weekend. I simply cannot battle this thing anymore. I’ll be going to the doctor tomorrow. Until then I am closed for business. I simply don’t have the energy to get back up out of this recliner and do anything. I am pretty sure it is a UTI but until I see a doctor and get some antibiotics I simply can’t do anything. Every time I get up and do anything more than just go to the restroom and get something to drink I am simply wiped out. I just cannot go any further with this until I get medical attention.
Thank you for your understanding and your patience.


  1. I hope you feel much better soon, Patty! Take care!

  2. Hope you are ok by now. prayers! Fondly, Tasha

  3. Hi, other than being tired this afternoon I am on the mend.
    Still taking antibiotics. But doing much better.

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