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Rise Up! Speak Out! Make Your Voice Heard #Political

***AUTHOR DECREE! Yourcomments are welcome. However, there will be no hate speak. There will be no unreasonable argument. If you’ve an opinion speak it clearly and factually. Whenever possible share links to valid articles which support that which you say. … Continue reading

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From the New Yorker

You must get out and vote! You must not let this win! You must get out and vote! You must not let this win! Trump trump! Read it and share it and help us take our country back! You must … Continue reading

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AUTHOR’S CORNER: Author Admits to a Mistake: Voting is Still Open! Diversity Novel #5 in Book Cover Comp!

I could’ve put this into the Authors, They’re Only Human category in an effort to remind Donna that we all make mistakes. But. Chose the Author’s Corner instead. No matter the category, I invite yawl to click on over, have … Continue reading

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Positive Perspective: Tuesday and Woden’s Day Catch Up sickness and Strength

Hi CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! So glad yall stopped by, but sure glad you’ve waited till this evening. I’ve had some kind of horrible 24 hours or so. Right after I posted my update on The Raw Truth and all last evening … Continue reading

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