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Hello campbellsworld visitors. It’s party time here in campbellsworld. I just received the following message from the wonderful! The magnificent! Fantastic! Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House! Claire says… Time to celebrate you have have 20,677 views on your blog…this … Continue reading

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A Blessing a Day In the Month of May # 4 and #5 Glad To Be Alive

A Blessing a Day In the Month of May # 4 and 5 Glad To Be Alive By Patty L. Fletcher Yesterday was busy, house work and promoting galore. Lots and lots of little nagging chores. Had a great morning … Continue reading

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Holidays Memories Traditions Miracles and more

Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. It’s almost Christmas here in the Campbell Kingdom. Looks like it’s gonna be a warm one this year, and I have to say, I’m kind of glad. I know there are some who … Continue reading

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