Super Successful! Totally Terrific Tuesday! In the Campbell Kingdom, and More!

Super Successful! Totally Terrific Tuesday! In the Campbell Kingdom, and More!

Good AWESOME Afternoon! From all here in the Campbell Kingdom! Campbell and I have been having a really successful, Positive Productive Day. As you all know, I’ve been having a few really emotionally charged roller coaster couple of weeks. As you also know I’m working really hard to pull myself out of it, and so far this week, this has been the best yet. Given that it’s only Tuesday I figure it can only get better from here.

This morning found Campbell and I feeling great! He ate his breakfast while I gathered my coat and shoes, and readied myself to go outside. The coffee was brewing and the morning air was crisp and cold at 24 degrees when we stepped out into the silent early morning. Campbell drew in a large snoot full of air as we stepped from the house onto the porch, and by the time we’d made our way across the drive into the yard, he was tuned in and turned on! His sniffer was going full speed, and his tail was wagging like I’d not seen it do in the early morning in a while. The yard was clear of obstacles, and he was way happy to not have to be on alert for me. We walked round enjoying our early morning meditation and sniff time, in a way we’d not done in quite a while. By the time we made our way back into the house Campbell was happy and I felt better than I had in some time.

As the morning went along, I worked on regular household chores, and by 10 AM I was completely done, including a couple loads of laundry, dishes, and bathroom. Heck! I even picked up my room, and made my bed.

Why go into such detail? Well, cause for quite a few days I have really been lost in my head, and have neglected quite a bit of stuff. I’ve begun to notice a bit of a pattern to these mini episodes, due to my writing of them, and am going to be seeing a new doctor on the 4TH of January and I am looking forward to showing him what I’ve found. I am hopeful for a new treatment plan. Obviously some things have changed with me, and I believe part of it is very hormonal. If I am correct, I will be relieved I am pretty sure, because I think this is very treatable. In the meantime everyone will just havve to hang on, be patient, and this too shall pass.

Now it is afternoon finds Campbell and I enjoying a visit from my grand niece, and her friend. They’re going to finish decorating for Christmas. Turns out I found some Christmas spirit after all.

Yesterday I received my Secret Sister Ornament Exchange gift, and inside the box were some pretty neat things. There was a beautiful Christmas ornament, a tiny Christmas tree to set up as a decoration, and a beautiful Christmas card. The Card was the true joy, and was just what I needed to give me back my Christmas Spirit.

We here in the Campbell Kingdom would like to wish all of you a Happy Solstice, Yule, Christmas, and Happy New Year!

Until next time this is Patty and King Campbell AKA Bubba Lee saying…

May harmony find you, and Blessid Be.

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