1. Oh, what a super surprise, thank you, thank you, darling Patty! May the sun shine bright in your heart if not without clouds where you are, blessings and love to you!*willows in mist**sunbeams through clouds**children dancing*

    1. Hello my Super Awesome Friend!

      You’re so welcome. It was such a pleasure to read your post this morning.

      It appears that I’d shared this when it originally came out but that had been some time ago and I really enjoyed and needed to read it today.

      It is not only cloudy weather wise again, but I’ve been having a rough patch and this post was just what I needed to let the sunshine in today!

  2. Sending you sweet, sweet blessings, my darling, we have been having a difficult time today knowing Ari will be flying away very soon. Cherishing every moment of his sparkling presence while we can. Much love to you!

    1. Oh dear.

      My heart hurts for you.

      Love to you my friend.

      1. What can you say to someone who has given so much of himself for just a bit of love? May I be so loving! Thank you for your understanding, my sweet, sweet Patty, blessings and love to you! *wags and kisses*

        1. We can never give enough back to these wonderful dogs.

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