Sunday’s Six-Sentence Prompt by Abbie Johnson Taylor #SundaySurprise #Reblogs #Inspiration

Sunday’s Six-Sentence Prompt by Abbie Johnson Taylor #SundaySurprise #Reblogs #Inspiration


I was thrilled to discover, when reading this post, that Girlie on the Edge used my suggested word for her six-sentence story prompt this week. So, if you haven’t tried writing six-sentence stories, now’s the time. If you’re a blogger, click the link below to learn how to participate in this feature. Then, open a blank document, and start writing. Most important of all, tune in here Thursday to read my creation.

Click the link below to read the original post.

Sunday’s Six Sentence Story Word Prompt!

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  1. Thanks to Patty for letting me post this here. I hope you’ll try writing a six-sentence story, poem, or essay, even if you don’t have a blog. It’s a great way to stimulate your brain and get your creative juices flowing.

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