The author of this offering completely captures the moment.
The description takes me there.

I’m in the moment.

I also, can see my Campbell on a similar beach. I know he has been to the Jersey Shore, and other shores as well.

I feel a kinship with the water. Of course I am a Scorpio.

I love the water. I do, Bath-Tub Magik, which I am in a way, creating.

I’m learning that which can be done while showering, bathing, soaking, and outside the tub, using the tub as the Ocean, and the sides, the beach.

I am learning to transform my Bathroom into a beach, mountainous stream, or river.

Sometimes I’m a Swimmer, Bather, Floater.

Sometimes, I sit alongside, and become a Dreamer, and I’ve been known to write there as well.

Sitting on a blanket, glass of wine to hand, as if I were sitting on the stream bank, or shore.

Thanks for this sharing.

Thanks for teaching with your words.

I long to do a better job at same.


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