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  1. A lovely idea, Patty, and lots of hard work, I am sure.

    1. Hi.

      I love doing the magazine. It is a lot of work though.

      So far, the hardest thing has been getting guidelines set and then getting everyone on the same page about them and how they work.

      This month seems to be going more smoothly.

      I started this magazine about a year ago, but over the last few months have made some major changes.

      This has been due to much feedback from readers.

      Now, I want to get a better idea of who is reading, so at first when the magazine comes out it won’t go onto the blog.

      I’ll put up a blurb about it’s having come out and how people can get a copy if they want it but until we draw toward the end of the month I won’t put out the full version.

      As always, thanks for reading, and if you’d like a copy of the Grapevine when it comes out, do let me know.

      1. Hi Patty, I would love to have a copy. You have my email address.

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