Sublime Sunday

Sublime Sunday

Sublime Sunday

By: Patty L. Fletcher

April 19, 2020

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This was originally written for my email group Freedom To Be Me and has been expanded to include new experiences and information.


Hello to all, and Happy Sunday to you!

Hope everyone and their families are doing OK.

Here, I think I’m developing a Kitty Colony underneath my back deck. I reckon we’re going to be known around here as Patty’s Pried. They were under there kicking up sand last night and poor Campbell stayed up a long-time pacing round and making low Woofing noises and sniffing around. I finally pounded on the floor to make them hush but I’m going to have to do something about them. I expect kittens just any time. LOL. The food I put out disappears at an alarming rate. I’m fairly sure they’ve been putting out the word because I don’t think it’s just the original two eating anymore. One of my neighbors says she thinks there are at least four. I’m not the only one who feeds but we have got a grumpy old thing that lives up the street from me and she is liable to call the pound and then I might be forced to pound her. LOL.

I’m going to call my vet this week to see if he’s got some sort of cat trap I could set up underneath the deck with some really good smelling food in it that we might use to catch these critters with. My goal is to catch, vaccinate, and fix them. After that maybe some can either be rehomed or at least when they’re released, they won’t reproduce. I think a couple could possibly be tamed. At least I’d like to get them fixed and vaccinated.

I never dreamed I’d be one of these middle-aged women who feeds multiple cats and has a big black dog but here I am, and I reckon that’s OK with me.


Every good story has a crazy lady in the neighborhood. You know? One of those people who has the reputation of being slightly off kilter but the person the kids go to when they’ve a monster to banish or a problem they can’t solve.

No kids in the neighborhood but I’ve got the animals down. I also feed the birds and squirrels. I walk around at sunrise and sunset singing to Campbell and the other beasties. Silly I know, but it’s fun to me.

I suppose I’m rambling a bit. This staying home all the time talking to no one, but the beasties is starting to get the better of me. But this morning I did find a great way to release some of my pent-up tension.

Yesterday, if you remember, I wrote of getting my surprise box in the mail from Heidi McClure of Sassafras Hill Studio. As I wrote yesterday, there were lots of wonderful goodies inside.

This morning I decided to put some of those goodies to use. First, I straightened up my bathroom and readied the tub for a nice, warm bath. Then I got out the soaps. I held each one in my hand. I quickly decided that to call these bars of soap would be a true understatement. They had a quality unlike any soap I’ve ever bought before. Their heavy thickness gave the appearance of a cake, not a bar. I inhaled deeply of their light fragrant scent and finally decided on which to use. I couldn’t remember the name of the scent, but it was a clean feminine smell.

Later as I sat surrounded by the softly rippling water and began lathering my skin, I was connected to Mother Gaia in a pleasurable way I’d not expected. The Para-Elemental which was created when Earth and Spirit Water came together was quite invigorating.

When I got out I put on comfortable clothes, shook my hair free of the towel I’d wrapped it in, and after brushing it and putting it into a corkscrew shaped ponytail at the nape of my neck I grabbed Campbell’s leash, hooked him up and we headed out for our morning walk.

The air was crisp and frosty, and the sound of birdsong rang out loud and clear in the stillness. I let Campbell take his time sniffing all his favorite spots, and as we walked, I chanted…

“There is no part of my life which does not belong to the Goddess.

There is no part of my body which does not belong to the Goddess.

I am she, and she is me.

We are one, yet we are we.

So, mote it be. Blessid be.


Once back inside, I set about the task of filling Campbell’s pillbox with his week’s medications and making his breakfast while he lay in quiet anticipation on his bed by the window in his room. Soon he was fed, and ready for his glucosamine chews and morning banana.

When I finally had him settled down, I decided I wanted to light one of my new candles. Once again I took my time deciding and finally chose one of the small ones which was housed in a holder that looked similarly to a shot glass and when lit it gave off a light fragrance which was much like the soap I’d just used.

Now, sitting here writing all this to you I can only find one word which fits the morning’s experience. That word is sublime. I can simply find no other which will do. The word came to me while reading the word of the day from my Word Genius. I’d been sitting there running through the many lists of descriptive words in my head and when I read that word it resonated in such a way as to not be ignored.

Well, I’ve come to the end of my rambling, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it. I would love to know what wonderful things you’re up to this day so please do feel free to get in touch.

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Have a Superb Sunday. May Harmony find you and Blessid Be.





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