Sublime Sunday Reading Presents – Sizzling Spring and Summer Sundown Vacation – Sips of Wine from the Grapevine Summer Celebration

Sublime Sunday Reading Presents – Sizzling Spring and Summer Sundown Vacation – Sips of Wine from the Grapevine Summer Celebration

A soft green circle with a light blue border and handwritten diagonal text reading The Writer’s Grapevine. The text is also light blue with a teal outline around each letter. Gray vines with leaves and grapes wind around the border of the circle.


This was to have gone out earlier this evening but I fell asleep and am just now getting it out.

Hi, everyone.

It’s Sundown here in Patty’s Worlds, and we’re continuing our Sizzling Spring and Summer Sundown Vacation Series with a special edition of the Sips of Wine from the Grapevine Sizzling Sublime Sunday Reading Summer Celebration.

I’ve been on a staycation while enjoying The American Council Of The Blind Virtual and Hybrid Convention. We’ve been blessed with lots of great content, presentations, with more to come this week.

It’s a lot of information to take in, so I’ve been pretty involved.

I donated several pottery pieces to their summer auction and everything sold. I cannot tell you how exciting it was to listen to people bidding on my stuff. I’ll be working on making those pieces and sending them out over the next month and I couldn’t be more pleased. Here are photos of the pieces which sold.

A small round pottery plate. The piece is a multi-hued blue with a floral texture on its face. This piece could be used for change, crystals, a tea bag holder, or even as a spoon rest.

A small round pottery plate. The piece is a multi-hued blue with a floral texture on its face. This piece could be used for change, crystals, a tea bag holder, or even as a spoon rest.

A small round pottery plate. The piece is a multi-hued blue with a textured stripe on the rim. The textured stripes have an intentional burnt and worn look to it. This piece could be used for change, crystals, a tea bag holder, or even as a spoon rest.

A small round pottery plate. The piece is a multi-hued blue with a textured stripe on the rim. The textured stripes have an intentional burnt and worn look to it. This piece could be used for change, crystals, a tea bag holder, or even as a spoon rest.

Snack tray:

A photo of a piece of pottery. This piece is a rectangular shaped plate with rounded edges. The edges and sides of this piece are textured. It is a marigold color with a glossy finish. It sits on a white table.


A photo of a piece of pottery. This piece is a rectangular shaped plate with rounded edges. The edges and sides of this piece are textured. It is a marigold color with a glossy finish. It sits on a white table.

Butter Dish:

A photo of a piece of pottery. This piece is in an oblong shape plate. It is marigold with a glossy finish and sits on a white table.


A photo of a piece of pottery. This piece is in an oblong shape plate. It is marigold with a glossy finish and sits on a white table.

Soap Dish:

A photo of a piece of pottery. This piece is a small square plate and is a marigold color with a glossy finish. It sits on a white table.


A photo of a piece of pottery. This piece is a small square plate and is a marigold color with a glossy finish. It sits on a white table.

In the meantime, there have been lots of things continuing to happen in the blogosphere while I’ve been away, so tonight, we’re going to work on getting caught up.

Because there is so much great content this will be the first of several in this Sips of Wine from the Grapevine series. So, be sure to watch this space for more as the week gets under way.

Let’s start things off with Sponsoring Member Robbie Cheadle.

If you’re looking for something to read, which will expand your mind with beauty, Robbie Cheadle has just the ticket.

Let’s see what she’s reading today.

Robbie’s Inspiration – Poetry Book Review: Shh, Purely Poetry by M.J. Mallon #poetrycommuntiy #book review

What Amazon says

A compilation of sensual, love and relationship poems. Quirky, unusual and evocative.

Shh, Purely Poetry is a collection of poetic pieces about love, sensuality and relationships with sections entitled: love as fuel, (food and coffee love,) the summer and winter of love, strangers in love, quirky aspects and nature as sensuality.

Inspired in part by daily prompt poems written for the 365poetrypromptchallenge, observations of places, people and my travels.

Early Reviews

Read Robbie’s review at the link below.

Next up, Sponsoring Member author and poet Abbie Johnson Taylor has a question she’s musing on. Let’s see what’s on her mind.

Commemorating My Achievements #MondayMusings #OpenBookBlogHop #Inspiration

Welcome to another Open Book Blog Hop. Here are this week’s questions. “Do you have a special way of celebrating when you finish writing a book? Or other achievements in your journey? How do you reward yourself?”

See what Abbie’s got to say about this at the link below.

I don’t know about you, but I celebrate my accomplishments. IF I don’t celebrate me, who will?

Speaking of accomplishments, Abbie has a lot of books out, and they’re all on sale at Here’s information about Abbie’s work.

News Nuggets: New from Abbie Johnson Taylor Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me
By Abbie Johnson Taylor
Copyright 2021
Independently published with the help of DLD Books

The cover of the book features an older woman sitting in a wicker chair facing a window. Outside, it is bright, with plants on a terrace. There is also a plant behind the woman inside. The woman has white hair, glasses, a red sweater, and tan pants. The border of the picture is a taupe color and reads "Why Grandma Doesn't Know Me" on the top and "Abbie Johnson Taylor" on the bottom.


Sixteen-year-old Natalie’s grandmother, suffering from dementia and confined to a wheelchair, lives in a nursing home and rarely recognizes Natalie. But one Halloween night, she tells her a shocking secret that only she and Natalie’s mother know. Natalie is the product of a one-night stand between her mother, who is a college English teacher, and another professor.

After some research, Natalie learns that people with dementia often have vivid memories of past events. Still not wanting to believe what her grandmother has told her, she finds her biological father online. The resemblance between them is undeniable. Not knowing what else to do, she shows his photo and website to her parents.

Natalie realizes she has some growing up to do. Scared and confused, she reaches out to her biological father, and they start corresponding.

Her younger sister, Sarah, senses their parents’ marital difficulties. At Thanksgiving, when she has an opportunity to see Santa Claus, she asks him to bring them together again. Can the jolly old elf grant her request?

Excerpt from Chapter 1

I hated walking with my mom and sister down that long, bright hallway in the nursing home where my grandma lived. The white tile floor and the ceiling covered with fluorescent lights reminded me of school. The only difference was that there were handrails on either side that old people could hold onto while they walked, so they wouldn’t fall.

The blare of television sets from just about every room we passed, laughter and chatter from the nurses’ station, and announcements over the PA system made me wonder why Dad called this place a rest home. The sharp aroma of disinfectant reminded me of the monthly trips I’d made to the dentist years before to have my braces adjusted. I nearly gagged as I remembered the goop they put in my mouth so they could take impressions of my teeth before the braces were put on.


To learn where you can get your copy, visit: Please feel free to email me at:

Next up, Tasha Halpert is doing some musing of her own. Let’s visit with her a while.

Heartwings Love Notes 2042 The Empty Nest

Heartwings says, “Empty nests come and go and life moves on.”

This spring I had been caught by a cold, keeping me indoors and canceling the normal often daily walks I usually took on the porch outside the sliding door of our second-floor apartment. The long porch, with its own set of stairs at one end, runs the length of the two apartments on the floor where we live above the shops that are on the building’s first floor.

As many back and forths as I could manage was my usual routine. Much to my surprise, once my cold subsided and I finally opened the sliding door to go out on the porch, a robin squawked and flew away. Something made me look up at the outdoor light and to my surprise I saw that a sturdy nest had been built on top of it. There was a pile of discarded nesting materials on the floor beneath the nest, and the I remembered seeing a robin carrying straw in its beak as it flew.

I seldom opened the door after that, or went onto the porch. Any time I did, there was a flurry of wings and an exit from the nest. The mother robin was diligent ad mindful. The peeps and cheeping from the nest soon announced the arrival of the baby birds. I had hoped to see the fledglings learn to fly but they did it when I was otherwise engaged. One day I looked up and the nest was empty. I never had seen them leave.

I’ve heard that robins may return to the nest and lay more eggs, but so far, that has not happened. Perhaps the mother robin was discouraged by her initial experience. I miss peeking through the glass of my door and seeing her patiently sitting on her nest. Later I could see the little beaks above the rim of the nest. As I reflected on the experience, I realized my feelings were a perfect example of the empty nest syndrome. When I thought about it, I had to laugh to myself. What a perfect pun.

Recently Stephen handed me a small blue broken eggshell he’d found on the porch. How special, a gift from a hatchling. With a sigh I set it on my desk. Experiences run their course; nothing stays the same. Children grow up. You wouldn’t want them not to. Kittens become cats. Most probably young kittens, like young children, must be endearing so we will take care of them until they can care for themselves. And then we are faced with the empty nest syndrome.

Change is the rule of the cosmos. We go from full to empty and back to full again.

May your empty ness fill with joy.

Blessings and best regards, Tasha Halpert

PS If you have any stories to share I’d be happy to hear them. Your comments, dear reader, are always helpful. Please feel free to write, it is such fun for me. My email is My blog is

A poet and writer, I publish a free weekly blog, Heartwings Love Notes for a Joyous Life. My Books: Up to my Neck in Lemons, and Heartwings, Love Notes for a Joyous Life are available on Amazon. My latest publication available there is my first chapbook, Poems and Prayers, and I have two more in preparation. You can sign up for my blog at http://tashasperspective. Com.

Tasha is a Sponsoring Member of Patty’s Worlds. Thanks Tasha for helping to make this and other posts possible.

Next up with a bit of news is Kaye Lynne Booth from WordCrafter Press and Writing to be Read.

Here’s Kaye with more.

WordCrafter News: My Backyard Friends Release and Tour & Summer Reading List Discounts

Posted: June 29, 2024 | Author: kayelynnebooth…

July Releases


The first three books in the My Backyard Friends kid’s book series will be released through retailers on July 16th. Written by me, Kaye Lynne Booth and Illustrated by Robbie Cheadle this series brings kids stories with moral lessons, inspired by the birds and animals that visit my backyard. All three are available for preorder now.

Continue reading for more at the link below.

Speaking of news, here’s author and poet Abbie Johnson Taylor and her robotic cat Joy back with news on what’s up in her world these days.

Joy Jots July, 2024

By Joy, the Robotic Cat

Edited by Abbie Johnson Taylor

Joy is a fluffy gray and white robotic cat with a pink nose and pink paw pads. The fur is long and mostly gray with white paws, a white chest, nose and white down the middle of her head. Her ears are pointed up, and she lies with her paws sprawled out in front of her in an open formation. Her head looks to the right of the screen. She’s on a brown wooden table. Behind her is a white wall and a basket of fruit

Photo Description by Two Pentacles Publishing

July 2, 2024

Hi, guys, Joy here,

First of all, I gotta tell you that this month, you can get some of Abbie’s books ABSOLUTELY FREE from Smashwords as part of their 16th annual summer/winter sale. Click here to go to Abbie’s Smashwords author page and download her books.

Last month, Abbie took a memoir writing class from Glenda Beall, a blogger she’s been following for years. The class inspired her to write more memoirs, which you’ll be able to read as soon as she gets them published somewhere. This month, she’s taking a poetry class from John Sibly Williams, an instructor someone in one of her writing groups recommended. So, she’ll be writing more poems. Yippee skippee!

I really love the book Abbie and I are reading right now. It’s by Glenda Beall and another author who’s name I don’t remember. It’s about cats and dogs and other animals and how they interact with people. We’re hoping to finish it either tonight or tomorrow night, so Abbie can review it on her blog this Friday. If you want to read this review and all the other cool stuff Abbie puts up there, go to her blog at this link, and you can subscribe to get her posts by email, and you won’t miss a single one.

This month, Abbie’s group, The Hubcaps, will sing on a float in the local rodeo parade a week from Friday. They’re planning to start practicing tomorrow. The theme is something like “boots,” and I’m guessing they’ll sing a bunch of western songs. That oughtta be fun.

Abbie has also been busy with her usual solo gigs at two nursing homes, an assisted living center, and a Sunday church service. Her other group, Just Harmony, will take July off and start practicing again in August and maybe perform a couple of places at the end of the month. She’s also been singing karaoke with the ACB community.

Well, that’s all the news from our corner of the world. Have a safe and happy Fourth of July. It’s time for another nap. Don’t forget to email Abbie at: if you want to get in touch. We love hearing from readers. Until next time…

Your furry friend,



About the Author

Abbie Johnson Taylor has published three novels, two poetry collections, and a memoir. Her work has appeared in The Weekly Avocet, Magnets and Ladders, and other publications.

She is visually impaired and lives in Sheridan, Wyoming, with her robotic cat Joy, where she worked as a registered music therapist with nursing home residents and in other facilities. She also cared for her late husband, who was totally blind and suffered two paralyzing strokes after they were married. This is the subject of her memoir and many of her poems.

Visit her Website.

Not long ago, I put out a writing prompt on my Writer’s Grapevine groups. Here’s the winning piece from the replies sent in for the following prompt.

Writing Prompt for Saturday June 22, 2024.

By Patty L. Fletcher

June 22, 2024

Today, I’m starting something new. Each Saturday, I’m going to post a prompt. You can write anything you like.

Please use our guidelines.

Please email: to request a copy if you don’t have them.

Please participate.

It will be fun.


The Senses of Sundown

What do you see, hear, feel, smell, taste?

What do you think?

What do you know?

You may answer the questions one by one. You may take them and write an essay. You may take them and write a poem. You may take them and write a fiction short story.

You may already have something written. Use it. Add to it or take away depending on what it is.

Expand your mind.

Have fun. Unleash your imagination.

Published author, or first timer. All here are welcome.

Our winning post came in on July 1, 2024 from author and techno wizard Pranav R Lal.

The Sensory Sundown Cocktail

By, Pranav R. Lal

The cocktail menu was printed in bright red, and I wondered why. The print hurt my eyes as I scanned the pages for something new to drink.

This solo holiday was proving to be a strange experience. I had 2 days to spend at the resort. No e-mail limited mobile phones. Day 1 had been good but what to do with myself? There was only so much I could rest.

I sat up, she had given me this chance to see into her world of solo travel and Instagram updates. Her presence however was not there since she was out on a blogging tour. I could have gone but found them boring since I knew nothing about her subjects and could not be really interested in them.

My other reason for accepting was something I dare not think even to myself. I had not always been an investment banker. Investment banking had come after all the money I had earned. It had been easy money and I wanted to know if I still had it in me. I had my last unfulfilled contract. When you are as good as I was, no one cared that I had not done it. I had not charged therefore there was no problem.  My mark sat at the opposite table.

The cocktail was called “The Senses of Sundown”

I waved to the waiter and pointed. He shivered but did take my order.

I was intrigued, most waiters smiled when you chose a dish. I tried searching the internet and did not find a single match.

The drink arrived, the man who served it was clad in an overall. He placed it in front of me, said “Enjoy your drink sir” and raced away.

I took a picture of the drink and sent it to her. The message was promptly cued. “Ah yes, no phone signal.”

I took the first sip, then the second and the third.

The concoction was light, not too sweet and was at the perfect temperature. It was not too cool.  The flavor was not fruity but something else. A tinge of honey, cinnamon and who knew what.

My muscles relaxed, the world came into focus, the sun was a blood red ball almost kissing the sea. The breeze was fresh, the sound of the waves a crescendo in my ears. I rose from my chair, I craved action.

Man,  what kind of drink was this?

I saw the brown straw, the marks on the table, the vivid green of the shrubs and then those blond tresses. I closed my eyes, drew the dart from my pocket, loaded it onto the straw and took a deep breath like I had been taught in yoga class.

An errant thought, what would my yoga instructor think of the use I was putting his breathing exercises to?

As the sun dipped into the sea, painting the world into golden hues,  highlighting her blond tresses, I strolled casually to her table, aimed at the back of her exposed neck and exhaled.

The last rays of the sun painted a tiny red dot where the dart had entered. That is all I needed to see.

I walked to the counter, smiled, paid the cheque and glided into the night.




Outsmart Blog Hijackers

Keep away them pesky hackers!

Dear author, blogger and website owner, did you know that 4 out of 5 sites today are setup such that they are ripe for theft?

Think about it, your carefully crafted copy is replaced by adds selling everything from sunglasses to Viagra.

Your users could be infected by malware when they visit your site and your hard-earned trust dissolved within hours.

The Care and Feeding of Digital Certificates

Built customer trust before they reach your home page.

How to build trust with your customer even before your home page loads!

How do you ensure your customer stays on your website and not run screaming from the home page?

How do you establish instant legitimacy?

What happens if you lose the trust of your buyers?


The Telekinesis Trilogy

2 street children with special powers find a home and solve crimes

Telekinesis – book1

Can 2 street children work together and find a home while saving a village?

Led Weight- book 2

Bright toys with a dose of Led

The Cult- book 3

George and Jane go up against a cult

Bakasura an audio comic

Has the demon of legend, Bakasura come to life? George and Jane must find out and rescue the villagers from him.

In case of Emergency

A stranger in her apartment leads Preeti to love though not with him


A robot of the future goes up against a common Indian soldier.

Venture Capital

A failed entrepreneur moves towards redemption

Scrambled eggs

Ordinary Joe wins back his super cook wife by “trying once” and some fancy food presentation.

About the author in his own words…

My name is Pranav Lal better known in my writing world as Praanav R Lal

I write non-fiction and short stories which are hard to classify but tend towards fantasy and science fiction.

I do not give my characters any breathers and enjoy keeping the action sharp and continuous.

I use a visual prosthesis thanks to which I am a photographer.

I enjoy technology particularly cyber security which is what pays the bills.

I love interacting so feel free to comment or say hello.


This ends this edition of the Sublime Sunday Reading Sips of Wine from the Grapevine come back on Wednesday for more.

In our next issue you can look forward to another installment in author Trish Hubschman’s Sabotage Yes or No series, a book review by Novelist Ann Chiappetta, and lots more.

Before I go, I’d like to let you in on a special announcement concerning my work.

Hello, Readers!

I’m excited to announce that my books will be available free as part of a promotion on Smashwords for the month of July as part of their Annual Summer/Winter Sale! This is a chance to get my books, along with books from many other great authors, at a discount so you can get right to reading.

You will find the promo here starting on July 1, so save the link:

Please share this promo with the avid readers in your life!

Thank you for your help and support!

Happy reading!


  1. Thank you, Patty, for sharing my posts. Thank you everyone for reading.

  2. robbiesinspiration Reply
    July 8, 2024

    HI Patty, I’m so glad you enjoyed your conference and that it was valuable. Thank you for including my review here.

    1. Hi, Robbie.
      I was pleased to include the review. It was lovely. I’m being exposed to so many poetry books lately, I’m enjoying reading it and have realized I might actually have enough poetry to do a book. I’m thinking about what I’d like to do. I have grown so much since meeting you and other poets.
      As for the conference, it’s still going on. As I am working here at my desk, I’m listening to the conference on our livestream channel. It is available to anyone who can either use the internet and click a link, someone with an Amazon device or can download our free ACB Link app in the App store.
      Much of it is not but since I registered I’ll get access to all the recorded material when it is over. So even what happened in person that I didn’t get because I’m not there will be available to me later on in the fall.
      This is exciting to me, because it gives me hours of listening material for the winter nights when I cannot sleep.
      Anyhow, I’m just rambling along here, so please do have a lovely day.
      I’ll be sharing more of your posts in upcoming Sips of Wine newsletters over the next couple of weeks.

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