Sublime Sunday Reading – A Book Review and Poetry Reading with author and poets Abbie Johnson Taylor and Marlene Mesot

Sublime Sunday Reading – A Book Review and Poetry Reading with author and poets Abbie Johnson Taylor and Marlene Mesot

Sublime Sunday Reading – A Book Review and Poetry Reading with author and poets Abbie Johnson Taylor and Marlene Mesot

Sunday June 9, 2024

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Welcome to #SublimeSundayReading.

We’re blessed with both poetry and a book review. How much better can it get?

Grab your favorite brew, whether morning or afternoon, and settle in for some #SublimeSundayReading.

We begin today’s poetry readings with a visit over at Abbie Johnson Taylor’s Blog. Let’s read on together.

A Poetic Mixture: My Review of Mingled Voices 8 #FantasticFridayReads #Poetry #Inspiration

What Amazon Says

The International Proverse Poetry Prize was jointly founded in 2016 by Dr Gillian Bickley and Dr Verner Bickley, MBE, in association with the annual international Proverse Prize for unpublished book-length fiction, non-fiction or poetry, submitted in English, which they also founded, in 2008.

Poems could be submitted on any subject or topic, chosen by each poet, or on the subject selected for 2023 by the Administrators, “Space” (interpreted in any way each writer chose). There was a free choice of interpretation, form and style.

Included in the anthology are the poems that won the first, second, and third prizes. Selection to appear in the anthology was also awarded as a prize by the judges. This year, special mention is additionally made of three of these poets.

Poems were submitted from around the world by writers with a variety of previous writing experience.

Brief biographies of all of those whose work is represented in Mingled Voices 8 are included in the anthology as well as authors’ background notes on their work.

“Mingled Voices 8 shows the creative urge pulsing like a heartbeat. The international contemporary voice that the Proverse Poetry Prize attracts is shown engaged in cultural dialogue and navigating through time and space. Ranging from discoveries of the ordinary through to reflection, intimacy and celebration, with thematic and tonal variety, the volume presents a vibrant tapestry of texts. Immaculately edited, Mingled Voices 8 offers much to interest and delight readers everywhere.” — Professor Janet Wilson, DPhil, Editor, Journal of Postcolonial Writing.

“I am very happy and pleased that PROVERSE gives such an outstanding opportunity for poets to shine and celebrate life, language, beauty, and creativity.” — Lina Buividaviciute, First-prize winner, International Proverse Poetry Prize 2022.

“Lovingly each poem renders a line of the self when the ‘dreamer and words’, as Bachelard muses, “are paradoxically united in the dialogue of their solitude.” — Charles Lowe, PhD, Professor, United International College, Zuhai, PRC.

“Many of the poems in this cracking anthology take us vast distances; many of the best … travel much further than the satellite that Rena Ong describes as “night-time’s silver eye.” I hope you will get as much pleasure as I did from reading their many, varied journeys through deep history

and distant eras.” — Jeff Streeter, writer and critic, formerly director of the British Council in Hong Kong.

From Sponsoring Member author and poet Abbie Johnson Taylor.

My 4-Star Review

Trouble clicking? The URL to Abbie’s review and the purchase link for the book to copy into your browser is below.


This post was brought to you by, author and Poet Abbie Johnson Taylor.

News Nuggets: New from Abbie Johnson Taylor

Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me

By Abbie Johnson Taylor

Copyright 2021

Independently published with the help of DLD Books

The cover of the book features an older woman sitting in a wicker chair facing a window. Outside, it is bright, with plants on a terrace. There is also a plant behind the woman inside. The woman has white hair, glasses, a red sweater, and tan pants. The border of the picture is a taupe color and reads “Why Grandma Doesn’t Know Me” on the top and “Abbie Johnson Taylor” on the bottom.


Sixteen-year-old Natalie’s grandmother, suffering from dementia and confined to a wheelchair, lives in a nursing home and rarely recognizes Natalie. But one Halloween night, she tells her a shocking secret that only she and Natalie’s mother know. Natalie is the product of a one-night stand between her mother, who is a college English teacher, and another professor.

After some research, Natalie learns that people with dementia often have vivid memories of past events. Still not wanting to believe what her grandmother has told her, she finds her biological father online. The resemblance between them is undeniable. Not knowing what else to do, she shows his photo and website to her parents.

Natalie realizes she has some growing up to do. Scared and confused, she reaches out to her biological father, and they start corresponding.

Her younger sister, Sarah, senses their parents’ marital difficulties. At Thanksgiving, when she has an opportunity to see Santa Claus, she asks him to bring them together again. Can the jolly old elf grant her request?

Excerpt from Chapter 1

I hated walking with my mom and sister down that long, bright hallway in the nursing home where my grandma lived. The white tile floor and the ceiling covered with fluorescent lights reminded me of school. The only difference was that there were handrails on either side that old people could hold onto while they walked, so they wouldn’t fall.

The blare of television sets from just about every room we passed, laughter and chatter from the nurses’ station, and announcements over the PA system made me wonder why Dad called this place a rest home. The sharp aroma of disinfectant reminded me of the monthly trips I’d made to the dentist years before to have my braces adjusted. I nearly gagged as I remembered the goop they put in my mouth so they could take impressions of my teeth before the braces were put on.


To learn where you can get your copy, visit: Please feel free to email me at:

Photo Description provided by Two Pentacles Publishing:

Next up is author and poet Marlene Mesot.

She and Abbie find themselves together when working with other writing groups. Here’s one of my favorite poems from Marlene.

Six Sentence Story prompt: Light.



By Marlene Mesot


Lifted spirits high,


Gayety spreads wide,

Hefty mood gone, bye,

Tepid thoughts deny,


About Author Marlene Mesot.

Curiosity fuels her passion for contemporary mystery writing. She shares her love of God, family, friendships and animals with her readers. Marlene Mesot was an only child. She is legally blind and moderately deaf due to nerve damage at premature birth.

Visit Marlene on her,

Marls Menagerie Website

Thanks to Marlene and the other authors of The Strange Weather True Quirks of Nature Anthology for their sponsorship of Patty’s Worlds.

Strange Weather Anthology: True Quirks of Nature

Multiple Authors

Strange Weather Anthology cover shows top left bright sunshine, yellow-orange blend, top right corner wide black triangular cloud  encroaching, red sky underneath, all reflected on water with small triangle black cloud bottom left.
No one can do anything about the weather, but we have captured it. Strange Weather Anthology: True Quirks of Nature is a collection of 15 true life stories from the 11 talented authors who lived through them, captured in vivid detail, in prose and verse. Some entries also include actual photographs.

Have you been through a hurricane…on a ship, seen balls of fire and strange flashes in the sky, dodged tornados while driving, seen a vivid or double rainbow or experienced strange rain patterns, unexpected torrential storms, different weather patterns at the same time, or woken to find myriads of giant snowballs everywhere?

Look inside for these awe-inspiring stories told from a personal perspective, including short autobiographies and where to find these remarkable authors.


Ann Chiappetta John Cronin (Canada)

Carol Farnsworth Leonard Tuchyner

C. S. Boyd Lynda McKinney Lambert

Cheryl McNeil Fisher Patty L. Fletcher

Jackie Collins Robert D. Sollars

Marlene Mesot, Ed.

Strange Weather Anthology

Marls Menagerie Website


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