Strange Questions & Comments

Strange Questions & Comments

I get the strangest questions and comments when I go out and about, and I thought I’d share some with you.

One of the funniest stories happened soon after my coming home with Campbell. A friend and I were walking through the store, and we passed two older women along our way. One said to the other, “AWW! There’s one of them blind dogs” Before I could stop myself I turned and said, “No! Ma’am! The dog can see fine, it’s the human what’s got the problem.” The friend of the woman who had said that spoke up and asked her friend, “Now, don’t you feel stupid?” I simply bid them a great day and continued on my way.

Another time I was at a United Way event, with what I thought were White Collar educated people. One walked up to me and asked, “What kind of dog is he?” I told her he was a lab. She said, “No I mean what type of service dog is he?” I explained that he was from The Seeing Eye and what he did. I even gave her a brochure. Her next question, “Does he turn on the lights for you?” My answer, “Only if he needs them.”

Another time I was with my friend Phyllis, I had not gotten Campbell yet, and so had my cane. She had her then Seeing Eye Dog Emmy, and we were about 3/4THS the way drunk cause we’d been hanging out in Ruby Tuesday’s having a beer or two with lunch before going home. As we were asking someone to assist us outside the lady we were talking with asked, “Where are you parked?” Without missing a beat Phyllis said, “At the bus stop.”

One day I was walking back from a meeting with some coworkers, and someone stopped me in the hall. They asked, “Ma’am, can your dog read?” I piped up and said, “Why, of course, there’s just one tiny problem.” The person actually asked, “What?” I, without laughing or missing a beat said, “Well, I haven’t yet learned to understand a damn thing he says.”

There are lots more where those came from, and in the near future I hope to write and release an eBook telling many such funny tales as these. I know that most of the time people ask such questions and make such statements due to their simply not knowing, but a little common sense on a few of these would go a long way toward a cure.



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  1. I was talking to a friend of mine one who still owns a guide dog a while back, and we were talking about my fromer guide dog named Star. and I was saying something to the fact that people shouldn’t try to grab the harness and I said steering wheel instead. As far as the strange things people say, that doesn’t surprise me at all. LOL

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