Strange Goings On in the Middle of the Night in Kingsport Tennessee #Author’sCorner, #NocturnalJournal, #What’sUp

Strange Goings On in the Middle of the Night in Kingsport Tennessee #Author’sCorner, #NocturnalJournal, #What’sUp

I began coming to wakefulness around 2:30 AM. I fought it with all I had. I wanted to sleep. By 3 I knew it most likely wasn’t going to happen.

I was just deciding to get up and go to the bathroom to wash my face when I heard a loud pounding outside. It sounded like a garbage truck dumping a dumpster, but I wasn’t 100 percent sure.

Then, I heard a beeping noise. It was my Echo Dot lowering its volume. This was not the first time I’d awaken to the sound of my Echo Dot or my Echo Show turning itself down in the middle of the night.

Are the techs at Amazon doing maintenance? Should they be able to control my volume controls? Have I set some sort of setting to behave this way?

I don’t think so.

Just to be sure, I check.

No. Nothing has changed.

This creeps me out and so I’m no longer able to sleep.

As I’m sitting up in my chair, I hear another disturbing noise. The floorboards a few feet away begin to creek and the wall behind the loveseat makes a loud popping noise.

Blue sits up, gives a low growl. He’s felt the motion underneath and behind him.

For a moment, I fear moving.

Will we have any warning if things go awry here?

Most likely not.

Finally, I dare to gain my feet. I walk slowly through my apartment, seeing it whole and strong. I must see it so and believe it so. It’s my only form of protection.

The inspector asks, “When are you moving?”

Of course he does. They’re certainly not going to fix anything while I’m here.

If things collapse, they best hope two things.

  1. It best not hurt my dog.
  2. If it does, they should know there will be no lengths I won’t take to see they pay and dearly. Lawsuit? Maybe, criminal negligence? Certainly.

As I head into the bathroom, I hear vibrations. I feel them in my teeth. I’ve heard these sounds before in the night too. I’ve also read posts on the Next-door app from others who have reported similar noises.

I can feel/hear it now.





The smell coming in through the AC fan is horrible.

Strange goings on in the middle of the night in Kingsport Tennessee.

Patty L. Fletcher

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