Stop the Madness

Stop the Madness

September, 30 2017

Patty L. Fletcher

I wrote this in similar fashion earlier this day on FB.

I’m asking Mrs. Claire to post in my behalf, and I know when she’s time she will do it.

Thanks in advance Claire!

Also, thanks for taking a chance on me, when I was ready to give up on myself.

There is no reason to be mean to folks. No need to lie. No need to pretend, and no need to be rude, hateful, or unkind.

I used to do these things all of them. Got caught up in my anger, bitterness and darkness.

Then one-day someone took a chance on me even though I was quite literally at the very bottom of the slimiest valley ever known to anyone in the world.

When I asked why they cared, they said they saw something in me better than what I believed was there.

So, for them I tried.

Then one day I realized if I could, if I wanted, try for me, and although, just as anyone I slip I am doing it.

I am not going out of my way to be mean hurtful hateful and unkind. I try when I’m totally frustrated, even if I vent to not use such horrid language, not to go out of my way to put another down, and to try best I can if things are simply too much to step back, take a breath and then try again.

Today I saw someone make a comment that ten years smart phones had been out and only now are they sending warnings of common sense ads.

Why, folks? Why? Do we need to be reminded to use common sense?

Have we become so very robotic that we have to be reminded of basic manners, basic beware of people who are scammers, etc.

Is it such a computerized world that we cannot take a moment to think for ourselves?

To say hi to someone on the side-walk as we pass?

What the hell is wrong with everyone?

Use your God Given Mind!

For goodness sake.

This morning while I was walking Campbell he barked at a passer-by and their dog. I quieted him and then I had a conversation with someone I did not know. Might never see them again. Who cares? I did not even ask their name. We chatted a few moments about our dogs. Shared a pleasantry and she went her way and I went mine.

Guess what? No one died. The world did not stop. The internet did not go down and everything kept right on as normal, except I had a real honest to God human interaction.

Then as I was finishing my walk, the neighbor guy across the street was leaving, and he blew his horn at me in greeting. It made my day! Someone acknowledged me and I needed to give them nothing, did not need a smart phone, did not have to promise to do something in return, nothing.

Just a simple acknowledgement.

Again, the world did not end, no one died, the net did not stop working, but for a moment my heart was glad because someone noticed I was in the world, and I did not have to get onto FB to do it.

Not long ago, when I thought for sure I had cancer, several people wrote that we “Needed to get together”

Then they followed up those comments by telling me how busy they were, about all the things they had going on and on and on the excuses, went.

I get it. I know people are busy. You do not need more than five minutes to stop, say hi, meet my dog, (Yeah, I got a friend who passes by where I live at least four days a week and unless she’s seen him from the yard she’s never stopped to be properly introduced) But, she’ll say “Oh we need to get together.” Stop saying it and do it. Everyone eats, call me one day while you’re going to the damned store, I’ll meet you somewhere for 20 minutes while we grab a simple sandwich from the dollar menu somewhere, or else just stop saying it.

I’m sick of the ridiculousness folks. There’s no need in a bit of this.

People join my email list. I got 18 members, half of those 18 have never come on and introduced themselves. Why in hell did you join? What in hell is wrong with people?

Stop the madness!

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