Stop telling people “it won’t last forever”

Stop telling people “it won’t last forever”

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Before I leave you to read this most incredible post, I just want to say, “Praise Mother Father God for someone who dares speak true about mental illness”
I too, have been told, “It won’t last forever.”

For a bipolar that is simply not true.

I, will have this illness the absolute rest of my life.

I, will, have to take medications. I will have to have therapy, and from time to time, I will have episodes.

And, before some well meaning person comes on and asks, “Don’t you believe in healing? Do you not have faith?”

Yes to both, but I’m a realist, and reality is, that most times, while we can all help ourselves where our mental illness is concerned, bright flashes of lightning do not fly from the sky, and miraculous healings do not take place, and if you think I’m bipolar because I lack in faith, that’s your right, but I’d appreciate it if you’d just keep it to yourself.

If you do not struggle with some sort of mental illness, even if you’ve family or friends who do, and you’re most supportive, you do not not not, and did I mention not? understand.

Thanks to this blogger for having the courage to blog about it!
After you’ve read, and hopefully shared this post, I invite and encourage you to read my two posts that deal directly with the subject of mental illness and realistic things you can do about it, The Truth Really Is Raw part one and part two.

Thanks, and blessed be.

Source: Stop telling people “it won’t last forever”

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