Stop and Wait.

Stop and Wait.



“The world is not perfect, so I need not be perfect.”

Patty L Fletcher

“We never get it done, and we never get it right, we just get it.”

Patty L Fletcher Adaptation of quote from Abraham Hicks

“If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way”

“Remember, only you can make it a great day, so make it the greatest”

Author unknown.


January 13 2016 1:32-PM

This Wednesday morning dawned windy and cold. It was twenty-one degrees when I put my thick hoody on over my PJS and took Campbell out for his first park time at four-thirty. Even though it was cold, we made our trek round the house and yard. He as usual rewarded me with quick relief time, and the majority of his park time was spent sniffing and digging in the ever present leaves in the front yard. Finally I could stand the cold no longer, knew my coffee had to be done, so headed us toward the drive and inside.

Reluctantly Campbell obeyed me and heeled along continuing to sniff as he went. I let him have his fun as long as he did not linger too long at each spot, and determined that I absolutely must find a way to secure good winter shoes gloves and a coat. What I was doing with the layers wasn’t working anymore, and the shoes I was wearing were ones that would take wet. I didn’t need my feet to become any colder than they were, and I certainly didn’t want them wet.

So I vowed that before the day was done I’d figure that out.

As we made our way back inside, I wished like everything it was clothes closet day at Friendship Connection, but it was just movie and pop corn day after all, and I felt so badly and needed to get so many other things done, I didn’t go. As it turns out, I have finally gotten things done, but at first I was beginning to believe I should’ve just stuck with movie and popcorn.

First off once I decided I wasn’t going anywhere in a hurry, I settled in with another cup of coffee, and enjoyed some email and Facebook time. Then once that was done, I decided to take a bath. Once in the hot water, stretched lazily and enjoying the near immediate relief it gave to my Fibromyalgia, I began to put together a game plan. I needed to go to Food City and pick up a few things. I thought I could have the assisted shopper just gather them while I had breakfast and visited with a friend. Then I got delayed helping a friend who in some ways triggered me, but I decided to learn from it, take my own advice and continue.

However the damage was done for that first part of the morning, so even though the hot soak in the tub did wonders in the end, at first I wasn’t doing so hot.

Next on the list I’d made while soaking in the sweat lodge I’d made for myself, was to try and order a replacement Social Security Card. Well one would think this would be no hard feat of magik. WRONG! I got Social Security on the line quick enough, or at least the automated version of it. Got to the section I needed to be in fairly quickly, and then was told it would be a long wait and it was suggested I have someone call back who could, “Assist me with filling out the replacement card form.”

I hung up after accepting the option to be called back with “assistance” and went about the business of Facebook posting, twitter, email, etc.

When the Social Security number rang in I was glad. I thought, “Well, this is good, get this done and out of the way, and on to goal three.” WRONG!

I answered and first off the rep began by being slightly rude. Not so much by what he said, but how he said it, like he was talking to a child. I let that go, although with considerable effort. Then he informed me that the only help he could be was if I had a form here, and needed help filling it out. I SQUOSHED and BIT! The urge to ask if he could write over the phone, to “ASSIST” me with helping fill out the form, and instead after taking a deep cleansing breath and thinking a moment said, “Well, instead, maybe you could make an appointment for me with my local office to get “Assistance””

He said, “I can, but you could just go and…” I stopped him saying, “Sir, I do not mean to be rude, but I’m sure you’re busy so let me stop you and help you get on your way. The Social Security office I must go to has a “”Pick a number”” system. So there-for if you go in without an appointment you must get a number from a machine. A machine I might add that is not accessible for the blind, and then once you get said number when they are ready for you at Window  A) the number flashes on a screen, which is also not accessible. Then you are seen, and directed. So you see sir, I need an appointment.” He then said, “Well, if I mailed you a form…?” “Sir!” I said rather annoyed, “What is your problem? If I could fill out the form, I’d have asked it to be mailed to me and I would not be wasting our time speaking with you.” He finally set an appointment for me and after filling out a portion of the very form he said he could not assist in filling out so it would in his words, “Cut down on time for the office rep.” I hung up. I did not take their survey because I already knew there was no option for incompetent ignorant, inaccessible, and Jerk!”

After that was finished, I called and left a message on the machine of the desk of the clerk who will process my new photo ID after I find out what I must bring, and then I will get a new ID because I don’t like the picture on the one I currently have and I simply told them it was lost. It is, currently buried in a drawer in my dresser. I’d love to see them find it. LOL!

After that I had a bit of an emotional time with Campbell. He was so loving and sweet to me and worked so hard to make me laugh and licked up my tears causing me to cry again, I then took some time for a break to eat and have some coffee and medication.

Now, here I am and still muddling  through the day. At least I have kept going and am not back in bed. That is usually my action. Instead I am hopefully  going to Wally World with Friendship Connection tomorrow, and am going to shop for at least a pair of shoes.

Until next time, this is Patty and Campbell saying,

“May harmony find you, and when it does, please? Bring it to me.”

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