Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, by Lynda McKinney Lambert Now Available On BARD #NationalLibraryServicesForTheBlind

Star Signs: New and Selected Poems, by Lynda McKinney Lambert Now Available On BARD #NationalLibraryServicesForTheBlind

American poet Lynda McKinney Lambert recently announced that her book, 

Star Signs: New and Selected Poems,

by Lynda McKinney Lambert, is now available as a Digital Recording on BARD


The collection of fifty-four poems was initially published by Lynda McKinney Lambert on July 16, 2019; this book was edited and designed by DLD Books, Denver, Colorado.


This book is Lynda’s first full-length collection of poems.

She currently has five published books. Three are full-length collections of stories and poems; one is a chapbook of thirty wintry-themed poems.


This new recording for BARD was prepared and formatted  by Perkins Library.


On Bard: DBC 11646


Narrators Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson recorded the poems in their California sound studio for Audible.  Lillian Yves assisted Perkins Library in formatting changes for BARD.


In addition, Star Signs: New and Selected Poems is available in Audible on Amazon, Kindle, paperback, and hardback editions.


The book has all 5-star reviews on Amazon.

It was featured and reviewed by Robbie Cheadle at Robbie’s Inspirations:



(Note: Smashwords carries Lynda’s books in e-book format)


Lynda’s first full-length collection of poetry features fifty-four poems. DLD Books, 2019.

Topics and subjects cover an expansive terrain from lights to legends to seasons, images, and metaphors. The entire book shimmers and reflects light like a multi-faceted mural.


In the book’s opening poem, “Star Signs,”

Lynda sets the ambiance for the entire book.


California actors Lillian Yves and Vincent Lee Grayson capture the dramatic and lively music of the poems. Readers have commented that this book is like sitting in an audience watching a stage performance.  That is music to Lynda’s ears!


Lynda’s Author’s Page:



  1. HI Patty, congratulations to Lynda on her digital recording of this book. Thanks also for linking to my review. A lovely book of poetry.

    1. Hi Robbie and all.
      The National Library Services for the Blind and Print Disabled offers a large variety of audio, large print and braille books and magazines as well as musical scores for those with visual or other print disabilities.
      These books are free for borrowing and now for download via the BARD app on smart devices so this is a wonderful thing which Lynda and other authors do when their books are submitted to and accepted into the program.
      Not only does Lynda’s announcement enable those who qualify to find and read her work it raises awareness to other authors, especially independently published ones and it is our hope they will reach out to see if it might be possible for their books to be made available as well.
      Though there are thousands upon thousands of visually and print disabled persons who buy books, there are many more who are unable to do so for various reasons and this program opens the world to them as no other ever has.
      See more at: › … › BARD Access
      Thanks so much for reading and commenting.

      1. HI Patty, thank you for this interesting information. A wonderful initiative. My mom listens to a lot of audio books.

        1. Hi, Robbie.
          It is something I’m hopeful to raise more awareness on in the future. One of the biggest things needed in our NLS program is children’s books and a larger variety of indie author’s books in general.
          Authors published by what I call the big traditional boys usually make it iinto our reading choices but there are so many more who are never known of because they don’t know of us.

  2. Thank you for sharing this information, Patty. I appreciate the announcement, I was delighted with the narrators – Lillian Yves & Vincent Lee Grayson – who bring my work to the theater stage in this recording. Thankful to Perking, and Nancy, for bringing the book to BARD and NLS. They are at work presently on my last book – so more is on the way, Folks.

    1. Good morning Lynda and All.
      I’m super happy to share this announcement.
      Thanks tons for making it available for us.

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