squirrels need weekends, too

squirrels need weekends, too

I’ll answer this question in this manner.

Campbell has a routine, and it is governed by quite literally day of the week, and what I’m doing as we wake. He at times, no matter the day or activity has moments when he is sluggish, requires a bit extra attention, and so I say the answer is yes.

What say you reader?
do you ever think if squirrels wake up, feeling like their lives are in a rut – they roll over in their beds, groggy – foggy-brained saying, – i need a bowl of nuts in the same ma…

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  1. Lol! I have often wondered what is going on inside the head of a squirrel!

    1. Chitter chatter! LOL! Jumping from one limb to another, but I think if they have any real purpose at all, and they do, I believe they are to teach us preparedness.

      I have always been in need of getting ready for something when they fall into my life.

      Campbell loves to watch them. Celine Kitty learned to chase them, and Bob Cat ate them.

      Now thank the Goddess I don’t currently have any cats, but I love them, just so long as they’re someone else’s problem. I’m just not financially sound enough or healthy enough to take care of anything else but Campbell, and he goes where I go so there’s no problem about what to do when I want to travel.

      1. Ah yes, maybe preparedness… that is thought about squirrels. Oddly, my cat is not riled by them, but we have so many around here, they are commonplace. Pets are a true blessing 🙂

        1. Animals no matter what their purpose are a true gift, blessing and necessary part of our lives.

          In my mind the animal holds more importants on the earth than any human.

          In every faith belief system, the animals were created first. No matter the creature.

          I am a lover of nature. I am a seeker of knowledge from Mother Gaia, and I am a patron of the animal spirit.

          Sorry, I get off on animals.

          Campbell being a Seeing Eye Dog, and my only animal companion, well, we have a very strong bond.

          My being on my own for so long first with, he, and all four animals, Celine Kitty (Was the crone 1999 to 2015.

          Bob Cat from 2005 to 2016 and Rocky 2012 on going in a new home. To our current status of just he and I has grown us together in some kind of way that no matter how I write I’ll never capture into words. It is a feeling. No, it is a way of life. He and I are truly one.

          Even if he is across town at the vet getting groomed, tests, what have you and I am at home, I feel him.

          People speak of retiring dogs, and I may yet have to. I never say never, but at this point in our lives I hope it shan’t ever be. I cannot at this moment imagine any part of my life with him living somewhere else. I will accept when he crosses into a new form of being, but to give him to another to care for, just sounds and feels entirely all wrong.

          We are truly mother and son.


          1. Agreed! Dogs are great 🙂

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