Special Discussion in the Free to Be Me call in the ACB Community Thursday September 8, 2022 1:30 PM Eastern #NewsNuggets #What’sUP

Special Discussion in the Free to Be Me call in the ACB Community Thursday September 8, 2022 1:30 PM Eastern #NewsNuggets #What’sUP

Good morning, I hope all reading are doing well.

Here, I’ve got a lot going on but I wanted to take a moment to talk about the Free to Be Me call which happens each week in the ACB Community.

I’ve had an email group called, “Freedom to Be Me” for quite some time, when I discovered the ACB Community I realized the idea of the email group could be made into a call.

I tried it out and soon the call was happening each week.

As time went along, the call grew, and due to various circumstance, I found a cofacilitator was greatly needed.

My Friend Victoria Zigler, better known as tori, or in the community, Twinkling Tori leapt to the challenge and joined me in making sure the call continued no matter what calamity, chaos or confusion took place for one another.

This change went smoothly and happily our call began to grow.

Now, we’re sometimes blessed with as many as 15 to 20people in attendance each week.

This is a wonderful thing. But with this growth comes the need for change.

This week, in the call we’ll be discussing those possible changes.

Because we do this call for our community, your thoughts on the matter are wanted and welcome. So, please mark your calendars and make sure to make your needs, wants and desires for the call known.

Of course, there’s no way to do everything everyone wants, but we will try as much as is possible to make it so the call continues to be a happy place for all.

Free to Be Me in the ACB Community Every Thursday #NewsNuggets #What’sUP



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*** Free to Be Me: 1:30pm ET, 10:30am PT, 7:30am HT

A place to enjoy free-flowing conversation about books and anything else that might come to mind. Come as yourself. All are welcome and wanted. Please refrain from discussing religion or politics.

Join the call by emailing: community@acb.org for all Zoom call in information.

To hear the schedule read over the phone, call: 1-800-424-8666.

Please, keep in mind this phone schedule is not updated when sudden changes take place in the schedule.

Visit here to learn about the American Council of the Blind



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