Speak Out

Speak Out

In this post the question is asked “If you could start a national or internation campaign what would it be?” Those of you who read me regularly know that my main goal in life is to raise awareness of multiple disAbilities. You know my two main focuses are blindness and mental illness. The third portion of my awareness campaign would go to spreading the word far and wide about Domestic Violence. Something I consider a plague that continues to sweep the land. I fear the changes I see coming in the new presidency, and I pray for all those like me in a minority. Stand strong stand tall, proud and united, is my goal for all.
Blessid be.
Get inspired by those who speak out. Whether through blogging or marching, make your voice heard.

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  1. I’m with you on all three things. In particular, I would love to see widespread recognition of the importance of nurturing parents to raise their children with strength, honesty and respect – safe from any verbal or physical violence. I would love to see the blogging community take a clear stand that says no to violence (verbal or physical) against children – and yes to learning how to communicate authentically and honestly, fully connected to our own emotions and taking responsibility for our own needs

    1. I couldn’t agree more that children need to be nurtured, protected, and cared for correctly. You might check out author Claire Plaisted of http://plaistedpublishinghouse.com/ because she has just written the second children’s book in a series designed to educate concerning several issues children of today face. Bullying being one.

      1. Thanks Patty

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