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    Have fun with this! You remember making a Dream or Wishing Board!?! Well, this is similar, and I think for a blind person fun!

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    Add More Magic To Spell Work With Salt Dough Poppets

    April 2, 2017 / thewitchandwalnut

    Poppets have been used by many traditions for a very long time and for many different reasons. Typically we see poppets made from cloth and those work great if you prefer that method.

    We have 3 varieties that we work with, potato, dried straw and salted dough. Using salted dough is an excellent way to create figures and add more detail to your work, just takes a bit more time. These dolls are used for positive and negative work, whenever we think of poppets people think “voodoo doll” and used for cursing or hexing. That’s not always the case, this can be used for love, improved health, finances, relationships with friends and co-workers, removing negative situations and made into charms and talismans.

    Think outside the box, what can you use this salt dough doll for? What or who would it represent? What is it they need and how can you combine the two together to get the outcome you are looking for? Perhaps this person needs more financial stability, bake a few charged silver coins into the doll. Have them keep the doll in a potted wheat grass or dill that they have grown themselves.

    If you need/want to incorporate color, wrap the baked doll in thread. You can bake different herbs and plants into it. Don’t use artificial food dyes, use nature as much as you can. Red and pink roses for love and romance, dill for green to represent money and prosperity. Charge these items in the way you need them.

    Growing up we made salted dough all the time for lots of different reasons. We did everything by eye so I don’t have an exact recipe. Don’t worry you can do this, its easy I promise. If you want an exact recipe, google can help you out.

    Plan in advance, if you know you want to do some spell work that night or weekend, make this in the morning. You will need about a cup of flour, few table spoons of salt and water. Combine the water and salt together, add water slowly! Start mixing it until its workable in your hands its okay if its a bit sticky. Roll it onto a floured surface and start kneading until you can handle it easily without it sticking and you can form it.

    You can make your shapes out of one piece or make the parts and attach them together using toothpicks. I know this takes quite a bit more time, but you can really add your intention into this and give it life.

    Next you bake it, the key is low and slow. Around 175 – 190 for a couple hours depends on the size. Just keep an eye on it. You can make a few at a time and whatever you don’t use right away you can freeze for future work. Don’t worry if they crack, its like baking bread its not perfect you will get a few wrinkles and bumps, its fine.

    I always charge my dolls under different lunar cycles based on my magical needs and sage my dolls prior to any spells work. Remember that dolls are like bread, so they will eventually expire unless you coat them with a chemical preservative.

    Have fun, expand your spell work, include dolls in unexpected ways. They can be quite charming.

    Happy Witching!

    Source: Add More Magic To Spell Work With Salt Dough Poppets

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