Sometimes the Hurt gets Loose

Sometimes the Hurt gets Loose

Sometimes the Hurt Gets Loose


Patty L Fletcher

Feb 6 2916

Dedicated to that friend which is no more for me…


Sometimes the hurt gets loose, refuses to let me go.

It seems  as though when those times come I am unable to reclaim control.

I feel hurt, misunderstood and unheard.

I feel alone, and abandoned.

Whether this is true or false I have no way to know.

Another’s silent’s is so very loud and hurtful.

Leaving a void for which there is no fill,

Leaving hurt for which there is no way to heel.

I am empty this day alone and upset I feel.

Nothing to do but put the hurt aside and let it show not.

Hide the feelings so no one knows.

Let the hurt and abandonment grow.

To come out and play with nasty toys another day,

For now I put the feelings away…

In my book I did write that my friend you  did say to me  “I could never be disappointed in you, not one day.” This was Oh! So untrue, now that is exactly what I feel from you.

You have a guard this is true, and near me not will they allow me to you.

I can do nothing it would seem, even my magik is lost to this horrible block, for which there is no key to the lock.

For now I once again put my love for you away, knowing from you I must stay.

“Get over it!” Harshly  some do say.

How, I ask, when you still hold the clasp.

It is impossible you see, for me to heel from the hurt of your loss that is left within me.

Still I go “Forward” and try again, taking chance after chance, only to find the “Wrong not right” again.

Thanks for teaching, and trying with me.  it was and is very appreciated by me.

I know I got lost, my path I couldn’t find, I know for a while I walked very behind, those things I couldn’t help.

How can you read my book, and not know…?

To you I did not want to lie, it made me hurt and cry so inside.

I could not say, my darling friend, because for you it could’ve been the end.

I was protecting you at all cost you see.

Can you never forgive this of me?

For now I shall go, my pain I hope you never know.

Although I do decree, and say to ye, this too you shall be sure of, blessid be…

You will one day know my loss, if your fear of me aside you do not toss.

If you do not one day speak with me again, the glory in which you find yourself with this will come to an end.

I say to you my sweet special friend, between us let us put the block to an end.


Inspired by the events written of in Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life

And Written more of in The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two

Patty L Fletcher



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  1. This is so true

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