Some Things Money Can’t Buy #Reblog #Friday Fun Reads


  1. Thank you, Patty, for reblogging.

    1. Good morning Abbie.

      You’re quite welcome. A very good book review. I liked that you wrote honestly of your reactions to the book and I also liked that you thought enough of the book, the author and their work to read to the end to find out what did indeed happen.

      Even when a book isn’t necessarily to our liking, it speaks much when we’re able to read to the end. I can count on one hand the books I’ve closed out without finishing.

      Great job.

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  2. This is certainly not a surprise – I think it is very common that when a person receives something they have not earned, they have no respect for it. There are many stories of folks who “got rich quick” when they won the lottery – many suicides, and most are flat-broke very quickly. Making money is a worth-while activity and there are so many good things we can do with our money – that will bring blessings and give us the ability to help others and support noble charities – and you can bet that these folks who have no understanding of how to manage money did not become broke due to giving any of their wealth to create a charity that would live long after they have left this world. Money is a blessing or a curse – and the core values of the people who have money determines which one they will experience. Greed brings heartache and failure. Generosity brings blessings to many. If we don’t know how to properly care for $100. we will never know what to do with a million or more.

    1. Lynda.
      Your comment rings true and true.
      It is such a wonderous feeling when I make the money by my own hand which allows me to pay a bill, buy something I need or want or do something I enjoy.
      I love it when I’m able to earn the money to upgrade my business or when I’m able to say to someone who is offering to help, “Thanks but no. I’m doing well.”
      For the last three months, the family that delivers a food bank box to me each month has texted to ask if I need one and it has been so wonderful to write back to say that I am not in any need of assistance now.
      Earning one’s own way is a blessing beyond any other there is. My only regret is that it took me so long to learn this.
      The same goes for my guide dogs. Because I go to The Seeing Eye to get my dogs, and their policy is that the graduate will own their dog upon completion of their program and because the handler pays a small amount for their dog and goes through a very rigorous application and training process, the pleasure and privilege of “Owning” my own dog is great!
      Thanks for reading Abbie’s review and for leaving your comment. It is these conversations I have with readers that bring me much joy!

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