Some Cheesy Facts About Cheese #Author’sCorner #wordPressWednesday

Some Cheesy Facts About Cheese #Author’sCorner #wordPressWednesday

Hello again everyone, it’s lunch time here and so what better way to spend the lunch hour than learning some cheesy facts about cheese.

I believe, I read somewhere that it is International Macaroni and Cheese Day. Anyhow, here’s Abbie with more.

Some Cheesy Facts About Cheese #WordPressWednesday

Who doesn’t like cheese? Here’s Commonplace Fun facts with some interesting information about this popular and well-loved dairy product.

Commonplace Fun Facts…

To learn all the cheesy facts keep reading at:

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  1. If I’d know today was macaroni and cheese day, I would have saved the macaroni and cheese from Schwan I had last night for today. Oh, well, such is life. Thank you, Patty, for reblogging. Enjoy your macaroni and cheese.

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