FEBURARY 17, 2019

I know. I know. I’m always saying how it is up to us whether we have a great day or not and I know that I’m always saying how happiness is a choice but on this Soggy Stinking Stupid Sunday I do not feel great, happy nor do I feel like making the choice to be so.
It’s pouring down rain, my toilet is filled with my stinking nasty necessary the maintenance man the property management sent out last night did not actually fix the problem and now it’s worse than ever and though I’ve filed an official complaint with the real estate office who handles this rental property it is doubtful anything will be done before Monday, and I have no escape.
It’s coming up on a full moon and the astrological forecast says it is a manifestation full moon so I’m making a wish.
I wish I could take Campbell, go to a hotel which had a hot tub and room service including a bar and have two nights paid in full.
I’d use their hot tub, order a nice bottle of something great to drink and some good food, take advantage of their free wireless and relax, leaving all my worries and cares somewhere else for a while.
Instead I’m stuck here in the house and due to the pouring rain cannot even take a walk to escape the horrible smell that is escaping from underneath the bathroom door every-time the heat pump kicks on thus creating a draft through the house, and I just cannot find any peace or happiness right now.
So forgive me for forgetting my words and what I know to be true.
I’m depressed beyond belief, and I suppose the only consolation I have at all is that the company I was supposed to have had this weekend did not come. Having a stopped-up toilet and no way to fix it or escape from it wouldn’t have made for a great visit.
OK. Going back underneath my rock.


  1. Gosh, Patty, that is all very sad to hear! We’ve had plenty of plumbing problems over our 48 years in this house, including needing to have the whole sewer line out to the street replaced (at our own expense, of course), so I really sympathize! I sure do hope that something can be done before Monday.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting Leonore.

      Somehow it felt better just venting about it.

      Then I went and finally managed to pour enough water down thus forcing at least some of the nasty down but the problem is not yet resolved.

      I’m sure it will be I just felt rather closed in with it all.

      You know? Just one more struggle to overcome and suddenly it just got too much.

      Ah well, onward and upward.

      I suppose it could be worse and I could have no place to live.

      I just felt so aggravated. I just did get my house really clean and smelling good, now this.


  2. So sorry to hear this, and I am sending hopeful wishes it gets fixed soon. Have you ever tried using hot water to unclog a toilet? I do this when needed. I take two pitchers as a quart is good, fill with hot water alternately and pour, pour, pour until it begins to go down then use a plunger for al lit’s worth–I have a better one now, not like the old fashioned red ones, bu a black kind of accordion looking thing that works even better. It does help. You have a dreadful situation there and I do so sympathize. Thinking of you with love and sending what support I can, Tasha

    1. Tasha.

      I’m laughing. Wasn’t there a red plunger in one of yours and Steven’s tales?

      Cannot remember if it was a Heartwings or one of Steven’s LOL!

      Thanks for the laugh.

      Yes, did the hot water thing and it did help some and finally, praise be they did send someone back and for the time being things are going “down” as they should. LOL!

      1. So happy to hear it. Next time you can do the hot water thing right away and you will be able to fix it yourself. It was a Domestic tranquility from Stephen called My Grndmother’s Plunger. And it is a funny one. Love you and glad for you, Tasha

        1. I think I might still have that someplace.

          Hot water didn’t work real well on that clog. It needed a snake run through. LOL!

          It’s behaving today.

          1. Not really there right now. Sending healing thoughts for you and hoping you feel better soon. Hugs, Tasha

          2. I get you.

          3. He chuckled at your suggestion. HOpe you are feeling better today…love and healing thoughts, Tasha

          4. Yes, today has been a great day!

            A Wonderful Woden’s Day!

            Campbell felt well enough to go with me to the store!

        2. Tell Steven he should write a story about those snakes. LOL!

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