Society, Dumbed Down #Author’sCorner

Society, Dumbed Down #Author’sCorner

Just how stupid have we become?

It’s been raining here, since I woke just before 8 this morning. I mean, absolutely pouring and just now, from what yonder modem breaks? A warning stating that there is heavy rain near Kingsport. Duh? I can look out my window, stick my head out the door or possibly even sit quietly for a moment without the roar of radio, TV or some other noisy thing and just listen to the sound of raindrops pounding on the roof of my covered deck.

If that’s not enough, I just got an email ad of some sort or other, what’s in the subject line? “Do you know it’s 2021?” What the…?

If I don’t know by now, what year it is, doubtful I’ll know for the remainder of the calendar.

It seems to me, that we’re no longer in need of thought. No longer need to use our senses, no longer need to work things out for ourselves at all. We just need to turn to some stupid device and there’s the answer.

No need to memorize a phone number. Just program it into the phone. Don’t bother to learn how to spell words, the spell check will surely catch them all.

Don’t take the time to write a word of thanks when someone states they enjoyed something you wrote. An emoticon will surely do the trick.

Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy all my gadgets. I am, after all, typing this rant to you on my beloved Laptop with which I find I can hardly do without.

It’s just, well, I get kind of sick at the way society is being dumbed down.

Just my old woman’s musings on a very rainy afternoon.


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