Social Media and Blogging Annoyances: What Do You, the Reader Think?

Social Media and Blogging Annoyances: What Do You, the Reader Think?

Hi Readers Everywhere! This morning I want to talk to you about some real issues that I have both caused before, and am having issue with now concerning Social Media and Blogging. First of all, let me thank you for reading if you are, and for your comments if you give them.

Let’s start with what is currently the most annoying to me. As I say above, I have done such as what I’m about to write of, but thanks to Karma’s teaching me some powerful lessons over the last few weeks, I shan’t be doing it anymore. LOL! What is this issue? You ask. Tagging on FB. While I do tag folks, I do not do it nearly as much as I used to, and after the past 24 hours or so, I’ll be doing it even less. Just yesterday someone tagged me in a post by writing my name in it along with a ton and a half others. This in turn exploded my notifications! Because everyone tagged in said post began to share, and comment, which retagged everyone in the post over and over and over again! It made me sing…(o O O Over, and Over Again! Don’t want to be tagged no mo by you!) and unfortunately I cannot figure out how to mute that notification so I’ve had to turn my entire FB notification system off until this blows over. To say I’ve learned a valuable lesson would be an understatement. One thing I have done to protect myself from future tag explosions has been to turn on the setting which will cause me to have to approve tagged posts before they can be added to my timeline. While this step can be annoying, it sure as heck beats the alternative. So, how do you Readers feel about this? Am I over reacting or, have you had this issue as well. Let me just apologize right here and now for my having done this to others. Tagging can certainly be appropriate but let us all please give just a bit of thought as to when and how we do it please?

Next on my list of troublesome Annoyances is multiple links… When I read a post, advertisement, or whatever, I do not like to wade through a ton and a half of different links. I have two links. They show everything you could ever want to know about me. They are my home page, and my blog link. Although they both have links within leading to one another, I still many times show both. Within my home page my FB and Twitter links can be found, so I see no need to list each and every one unless it is required in something I am submitting to a topic specific post, or contest. To me, having to wade through a list of links is a turn off. What say you, Reader?

Another thing that is causing some an issue that follow me, that I can find no way to stop for them is receiving every single post on the blog they follow. I share a variety of topics here. Have not found a good way to separate topics, and can find no way for those who follow me to only receive specific topic posts in their email. This can cause them to receive a large amount of email, thus making several no longer wish to follow. I believe I may have lost quite a few because of this, and I can see no way to fix it. If someone reading knows something I do not, please? For the love of communication share! So, what say you Reader? Opinions? Thoughts?

I’ve covered the top annoyances on my list. What are yours? My goal here is not to criticize someone’s way of doing things. It is just to get an idea of what folks like and don’t like. Thus making my Promotional skills more affective. I want people to enjoy their experiences when friending me on FB or following me on Twitter or Google. I want Readers to like being a member of campbellsworld and I hope to get more group members on FB as well. One day soon I hope to start a discussion Email list, but before I do this, I’d really like to know a bit more about what those who already follow me in various places like and do not like. As I’ve written before, I don’t write just to read my own work. I write Blog, FB etc. for the benefit of others, so I really do need to take their needs into consideration.

For now, this is Patty, and King Campbell who really could care less about all this as long as his food bowl is full saying…
May harmony find you, and blessid be.

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