So Now You’re Hearing From Me

So Now You’re Hearing From Me


I don’t write for the money, although to get a few book sales, or have an article accepted into a paid publication would be nice.

I don’t write to gain recognition, although when people like what I share I do sit up and take notice and think it’s quite alright.

I don’t write to please others, although when people agree it does please me.

Mostly I write because I love it, and that’s just alright with me.

I don’t care why you do it. Don’t care in which genre you choose to let loose your muse.

If you’re not writing for the pure pleasure of it first, you might ought to find something else to do.

That having been said, let me add just a tad. I get quite annoyed with those who say they haven’t time to write, yeah, it makes me just a bit mad.

You’ve got time to gossip on your favorite social media site. You’ve got time to watch just one more video about the ending you’ll surely get onto Facebook and gripe.

You’ve got time to sit and listen to just one more podcast show, so you can talk…talk…talk… about all the things you want people to think you know.

Let me just advise all you want-to-be writers. Get off your tails, stop making excuses and get on with it please.

Piss you off? Too bad. I’ve heard one too many excuses today, so now you’re hearing from me.




  1. Patty, concerning the “I don’t have time” writers. I’d like to add something. Nobody is forcing you to write, so my advice, either write or stop calling yourself, because in my humble opinion you can’t have it both ways. Either you’re a writer, and write, or you don’t write, and you get the idea. This isn’t meant as criticism, just something to consider.

    1. I was hoping you would comment. You are one who is a serious, real, honest to goodness, person who knows the craft, knows how to get things done, and you are one person I admire, and strive to be more like.

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      1. Thank you, Patty. That comment means a lot. I work hard at what I do. Please don’t think this is self-righteous, or bragging. The deadline for one of my columns was the day after my husband’s funeral. I did ask the editor to allow me a day’s extension, which was granted. I got it in on that day. People, this is the kind of thing that writers do. In other words, decide how serious you mean to be, and be honest with yourself and others. Of course, there are circumstances beyond our control, such as when I was in rehab following an illness, and didn’t have WIFI. Just be sure you’re being honest with yourself and goals.

        1. Phyllis.

          You’re welcome.

          Yes, there are always extenuating circumstances, but I find lots of times, people just believe they can write a book, publish said book, then do little to nothing else and expect it to hit the top ten best seller’s list.

          What boggles my mind are the people who pay good money to have me promote them and then give me nothing to work with.

          Now, you and I have talked, and I know what you’re doing and we’re working on things.

          I also know you participate in a lot of the promotions I send out, but there are some who I have listed as clients that I have not heard from in months, and when I reach out to them their reasons for no participation just don’t fly. They might if I didn’t see them sitting chatting on social media all day.

          People if you’ve got time to read the FB newsfeed for hours a day, and watch tons of TV you’ve got time to write. You just aint got the gumption to do it and that’s that.

          There will be a few folks I won’t renew when their contracts run out.

          Another lady who is busting her hump is Trish Hubschman. She’s really come a long way since we started together and I’m very proud of her. Jo E. Pinto who is a full-time mom and proofreader and wife, also works hard to provide me with content and she too participates in promotional things.

          I just have to say, there are some who are going far, and there are others going flat.

  2. I agree with you, Patty. Of course there are extreme (some sad cases) when people can’t write, for example when caring for a very ill relative but, even under such difficult and upsetting circumstances there will be those who still find the time to write. Indeed trials and tribulations can be the stuff of which good writing is made. Best – Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin. I know there are extenuating circumstance. But there are a few people, that will write to me, and tell me they don’t have time to submit articles etc. that are designed to help promote themselves, and then I watch their newsfeeds, and they spend hours a day on Facebook, griping about this thing in that thing, I hear them on chat lines, gossiping yada yada yada, if they’ve got time for all that, they’ve got time to write. That’s the kind of people I’m talking about. Just gets under my skin. Tired of wasting my time on people who are not serious about the craft. They make those of us who are look bad.

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