Sneak a Few Steps Down the Pathway to Freedom – Book Two the Raw Truth #SneakPeek #PathwayToFreedom #SocialMediaMonday

Sneak a Few Steps Down the Pathway to Freedom – Book Two the Raw Truth #SneakPeek #PathwayToFreedom #SocialMediaMonday

Sneak a Few Steps Down the Pathway to Freedom – Book Two the Raw Truth

By Patty L. Fletcher

July 23, 2023

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If you’ve not read the previous installment of the Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed trilogy you may…

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Chapter One

Solstice and the Slow Awakening

“I know that I’m alive, because I can look behind me, and see the wreckage of my life.”

Author Unknown

December 23, 2014

) Just After Dawn…

The city woke around me, as I sat having my first hot strong, cup of coffee. As usual I heard the comforting sounds of it coming to life. The roar of the factory seemingly no more than a stone’s throw from my house, the sounds of children and their minders walking to school. For me, it was like sitting at the kitchen table with your first cup of the day listening to your loved ones awakening after a long deep peaceful slumber.

If you listened very carefully early in the morning The echoing train whistle seemed ever present announcing the coming and going of trains. Although they were only freight, when the weather was warm, I would sit on the porch swing with my early morning coffee and smoke imagining where the trains were going. Sometimes, I wished I were on them. Riding along just going wherever the rails took me, without so much as a look back. Just me and my ever-faithful dog and a knapsack on my back going off to see the world.

It was always the same. a never-ending steady stream of Cars, trucks, and busses going to and FRO. taking people to work, school, or anywhere else they might need or want to go.

Feet pounding down the walk. Dashing across the street at the corner stop sign. Neighbors calling hello. On it went. It was to me at times as powerful as the pull of the full moon on the forest on a quiet summer’s eve must feel to a warrior just before battle.

Feeling the pull of a street or having a building’s presents touch me in some way, to assist me through my day is no different than someone using the stars to chart their way in a deep forest or on the open sea. I supposed just as the moon and stars give off and leave behind energy so do each one of us, leave our energy imprint behind on streets and in buildings. After all both streets and buildings are made up of at least some of the four elements so it seemed only natural they would give off a presence.

I grimaced at the thought of my newfound Spiritual Awareness. I’d gotten off on the wrong track. Having issue with reversing directions, which turned out to include writing and casting spells. Then falling in with someone who took advantage of this unfortunate problem, I did some bad work. I knew it would be a long-time healing and rebuilding from the damage I’d done. Not realizing spatial disorientation could mess up a spell the same as a walk down a quiet street some of what I’d cast had horrific results. Now, I had a chance to try and do some good work.

I tried to relax and gather my thoughts. I wanted to make good use of this day. It was my only day off for the entire week. I’d scheduled a Door-to-Door KATS van to take us to the City Public Library. I wanted to donate one of my books to them. I also wanted to get a valid Library card so that I could make use of their audio book section. Things were looking up just a bit. My first book was published in mid-summer. I was doing OK for a first-time Self-Published author, who didn’t know what the hell she was doing. Work was stressful, but I hoped we’d pick up some new volunteers as the New Year came in. Things would be OK, I just had to keep believing. I just had to have faith.

This wasn’t like believing in the façade of the last few months of mine and Donnie’s life together. This was my job. Something I’d taken on in an odd circumstance. A bittersweet moment when a coworker and sometimes friend died. The job needed to go on and like it or not, the board had to agree I was well-trained and had done it before Linda’s death, so the job was given to me.

I’d finally come to realize; they’d hoped it would be temporary. But “Surprise!” That had been four years ago. Turned out, I was good at it.

These days, however, it was a struggle. Volunteers were leaving. Various reasons given. Every single one was valid. Many, I’d taken to Lynn, but he didn’t appear to care about things as he’d once done.

Things were changing, and I wasn’t sure how much longer I was hanging on.

I slammed the door on those thoughts and continued to try and relax. I wanted to meditate and concentrate on the power of prosperity and positivity for the day, but as those thoughts ran around my head, the clothes dryer beeped, a horn blared and the spell I’d been barely caught up in was broken.

) A Look Within a Look Without…

I stood and stretched. Breathing deeply, working to clear my mind. Trying to decide how to dress. It was pouring rain out. This frustrated me “Rain again!” I said scornfully. In the end, I laughed. “Seems to me, King Campbell and I have been facing every new challenge and fear in the rain from day one. Why did I think today would be any different?” As the words I spoke drifted away the chimes on the porch rang a beautiful rainy wind-filled song in agreement.

I walked past the rugged black lab, who had captured my heart four years before, curled up snoring on the couch, and gave him a gentle pat as I passed. Celine Kitty, who had been with me almost 16 years lay just a few feet away on the coffee table, purring lovingly up at me when I petted her while walking by. Then, just as I turned the corner to go down the hall to the dryer…

To be continued…

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Keep reading after the Pathway to Freedom blurb to see a couple of tunes from the Pathway Play List.

Patty L. Fletcher.

Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed:

Book One How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life

(Second Edition)

The cover of "Pathway to Freedom". 
A garden with rocks and pebbles, surrounded by grass and trees. To the left, a bench sits below a tree with a seated dog silhouetted on the grass in front of it. An ethereal glow of gold and green shines through the middle of the picture with the title of the book written in fantasy style lettering in darker gold and with black shadowing.

In the first book of her memoir trilogy, Pathway to Freedom Broken and Healed: Book One How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life, Patty Fletcher shares how choosing to attend The Seeing Eye guide dog school in Morristown, New Jersey, helped her to gain complete independence. But this decision would reveal glimpses into worlds she had never before known existed.

Once home from The Seeing Eye, Patty soon begins to realize that all is not right in her own world.

Watch your step as you journey down the winding path with Patty and Campbell, for there are many obstacles along the way. Through triumphs and tribulations, through tears and fears, that forever guide remains at her side. King Campbell works tirelessly to keep Patty safe from harm.

Eva Pasco

5.0 out of 5 stars

A Moving, Multi-Faceted Memoir!

Patty Fletcher’s no-holds-barred candor delivers a moving, multi-faceted memoir through vivid details and snatches of actual conversations.

Ms. Fletcher’s well-written narrative makes it possible for the reader to walk along her pathway on the journey she began when harnessing Labrador, Campbell Lee, for the first time at ‘The Seeing Eye Guide Dog’ school. To be precise—attaching the harness, letting him walk on your left side, and keeping in rhythm with his gait.

Following Patty and Campbell in their soulful journey, the reader becomes acutely aware of the emotional, psychological, and physical toll domestic abuse takes on its victim. While Book 1 doesn’t have a fairy tale ending, this reader walked away admiring and respecting the author’s honesty, courage, bravery, integrity, and resilience as she continues along life’s journey.

I highly recommend this candid memoir which doesn’t tread lightly.

My thanks to Eva for that incredible review.

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