Smudging – Alpine Style

Smudging – Alpine Style

My thoughts before the link to this post, are not meant in any way to detract attention from the post.

It is just what is in my mind after reading.

Good evening everyone.
As I read, and see, this is used as a cleansing tool, I wonder if it might be appropriate to use as a way to help keep persons out of my life.

I once again, was impressed to pray, and again, told to ask, “Who is dishonest in my life?”

Once again, I was shown, and quickly.

Luckily, this time, it did not come as a big shock.

I’ve been snookered by this one before, in fact we’ve been round this block a couple times.

Always before I’ve been able, stupidly maybe, but able to justify somehow why they’d do it.

This time? Can’t see any gain other than to remain on the good side of others.

There were easier ways for them to do that, and so out they go.

Dishonest toxic people have no place in my world.

I am also looking for a way to smudge myself with healing herbs, and I think this method might work here as well.

So, only thing is, not good with those Charcole disks, so have to light a different way.

Going to read through again.

This has, been an extremely hard, and strange new moon.

I know we’re supposed to finish ridding ourselves of things, and set new moon intent, but this has been the most ridding of people I’ve done in quite some-time.

I’m at peace more so this night than earlier though, and am happy to be reading about such as this.

Thanks and sorry for combining posts.

This inspired me.

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