Smorgasbord Short Story – Halloween Sunset, Let the Party Begin by Sally Cronin


  1. Thanks very much for sharing Patty. best wishes Sally

    1. Well, you’re quite welcome, but how do I find out what happened next? Do you have a book? Can I buy it somewhere?

      I must know.

      1. Thanks Patty.. it was intended as a one off, but because everyone seems quite taken with Bethany.. I am going to put her in my WIP which is a follow up to my Tales from the Garden… out in the spring. I will expand on her activities as a healer there.. Really appreciate your kind comments. Sally

        1. Well, it was just enough to make you want more.

          I mean I could imagine all sorts of ideas for what they did, but not knowing your frame of mind, and what you were thinking I don’t dare even think about it.

          I have had it suggested I write for Fan Fiction, but no way! I don’t never want to screw up a great thing.

          Someone told me once that because I loved the Dark Tower series so much I should write about what I thought happened next, but I said, nope, that’s not my work.

          Besides, any idiot knows he just went through the loop again, and each time was different, but he still did not learn.

          1. Well I am sure she will get up to plenty of mischief.. and never say never about writing for Fan fiction.. and if you screw up a few times it will hone your skill..

          2. Well, that’s true, but I’m just now getting my feet under me with fiction.

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