Smorgasbord Reblog – Mexican Tales – Part 3 – Observations and Commercialism by D.G. Kaye


  1. Thank you for sharing Patty.. stay safe.

    1. Hi, you’re welcome. I wanted to share directly from her blog, but could not find a re-blog button. And so I figured to share from somewhere was better than not sharing at all.

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  2. Thank you kindly Patty, for sharing this. I saw your comment to Sally. Self-hosted blogs don’t have reblog buttons. If you are looking for a tool to reblog in future from any blog or page, download the ‘press this’ tool in your dashboard which will enable you to reblog 🙂

    1. No. Thank you for letting me know that. And you’re welcome for the share.

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      1. My pleasure. If you have any trouble, just head over to my blog and type in ‘press this’ in a search box through my blogs. I wrote a few articles on how it works 🙂

        1. Hi. Thanks.

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