Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #PotLuck – The Auditions Part Two: Let’s Play Rock ‘n’ Roll by Zeppelin by Jane Risdon


  1. Patty, thanks so much for reblogging this for me. I added a photo of a red Corvette. I love them, do you?

    1. I don’t believe I’ve ever ridden in one so can’t say whether I like them or not.

      You’re welcome for the reblog. Your part one of this was in my Writer’s Grapevine.

      1. Oh wow, Patty many thanks. I hope everything is working better today and Campbell is much improved xx

        1. Hi. My computer took some sort of update, and it must’ve either not taken correctly, or it has done something it shouldn’t have because I’m unable to get my talking screen reader to activate. So I’m going to have to find someone who can stop by and read this screen. Until then I’m chained to my phone and can do little. I’ll be reading from my phone but won’t share from it because I’ve still not been able to update the app. Keep rockin.

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          1. Oh cripes Patty what a pain. I hate W10 upgrades, mine never works properly afterwards. Mine is so slow these days with new hard drive and lots of new fangled security stuff. Good luck and I hope it is sorted soon. Such a pain xx

          2. I’ve things working well sort of.

            I miss my Solid State HardDrive. When I got this new computer it had a regular hard drive in it and I cannot afford to have the other put into it.

          3. Oh Patty that is a shame. I hate all computers but cannot live without them now. Hope yours is soon sorted.

          4. Well, I’m muddling through.


            In the meantime I await post # 3 from this series.

          5. Oh god luck – which series?

          6. This series we’re commenting on, which part three of will be posted this week.

          7. Ah yes, I got so caught up with other stuff, I forgot Sally will be doing this again. cool. x

          8. LOL.

            I just shared the one from today, and part four, but I didn’t see a part five.

          9. I have not posted them yet. Up to #13. Will do asap. Xx

          10. Ah, Sounds good.

          11. Sally Cronin has just put up part 2 of the Auditions…on smorgasbord.

          12. This was part 2. I’ve read parts 3 and 4 since this went out.

          13. Oh OK, I am a bit behind on what Sally is posting. Sorry.

          14. Hi.

            Just curious, are you not able to see the post you’re commenting on?

          15. Not always as the post is often just a link with a comment from someone else which shows me what the post is – if it is a long thread I don’t always catch on what it is but the comments usually give it away. Might just be me getting confused. Sorry.

          16. OK. Was just curious after the trouble I had with WordPress not long ago.

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