Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #Potluck – Green Light 2017 by Sue Vincent


  1. Thank you for reblogging, Patty!

    1. You’re very welcome.

      I know about that auto pilot thing.

      Loved this post.

      1. Glad you enjoyed it, Patty.

        1. I did.

          At least when you went on auto pilot you didn’t get creamed, or like me once, lost.

          Spacing out while working one’s new guide dog is not advisable. Did that once, Campbell thought I was giving him the go ahead to meander and before I knew it we were way off the beaten path.


          However, we had a wonderful adventure. LOL.

          Great stuff you wrote. Loved the descriptions.

          1. Thankfully, I wasn’t ‘offline’ for long that time 🙂

          2. LOL.

            That’s funny. We actually went nearly a mile out of our way before I managed to get us back on track.

          3. Good grief. I bet Campebell enjoyed the wander though.

          4. Well, we’d not been home together for very long, and for me the wonderment of working a guide was still quite new, and he being a young dog, and having lots of energy well, between those two things we went wondering around the unfamiliar part of our neighborhood in some kind of fascination.

            He, glad for the romp, and me just fascinated beyond belief that I could walk on unfamiliar ground without falling all over my feet.

            I don’t in any way wish to take away from your wonderful story, so I won’t go on too much but I wrote of this experience in my first full length published book, and as I do the second edition of that book now, it’s one experience that I want to leave mostly as is.

            Your story of losing track of yourself for a moment just brought that memory back.

            I, like you was so intent on enjoying what was happening around me when I became lost, enjoying the fact that unlike when cane traveling I didn’t have to pay attention to every step, but rather I could take in the scents and sounds happening along our way that by the time I realized we were going in the wrong direction it was too late to correct, and so we had to simply deal with it and find another way home.

            Auto pilot can be scary but it can also be fun.

          5. I can only imagine the joy you felt in that adventure, Patty.

          6. It was fascinating, exhausting, terrifying, and in a strange sort of way funny all in one moment.

            Just as most such experiences are.

            I liked the part of your post when you wrote that you had several conversations with yourself all at once when you realized what you’d done.

            I had a couple conversations with myself too. LOL.

          7. I can imagine. I hope your conversations were more polite than mine!

          8. Probably not LOL. I said some pretty nasty things to myself.

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          9. Me too LOL.

          10. Campbell just thought it was a party LOL

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  2. Thanks for sharing Patty..hugsx

    1. You’re so welcome. I enjoyed it very much.

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