Smorgasbord Posts from Your Archives – #PotLuck – Are Blogging Friends Real Friends? by Darlene Foster


  1. Like you I feel that blogging friends are real friends.

    1. Hi Stevie.

      First, thanks for reading.

      I too feel many of those I’ve met through blogging are friends. Though many of them live in other parts of the world and the likelihood of my meeting any in person is low, one doesn’t ever know.

      I have however received some great support over the years. I’ve had lots of people reach out with great advice, they’ve taken the time to lend their knowledge and wisdom, and when I’ve had personal troubles I’ve gotten support of great measure.

      Also the sharing people do for me when I put up things from my clients, and the work people do to help me promote them is some of the very best, so I for sure think I’ve many friends among the bloggers I read.

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