Smorgasbord Music Column – One Hit Wonders – ‘All Right Now’ by Free – Sally Cronin


  1. Thanks for sharing Patty.. hugsx

    1. You’re most welcome. I found that post last evening while feeling rather overwhelmed from trying to get everything done at the end of what had been a long day.

      It was a nice break, and helped cut the tension, so I shared it in hopes others would enjoy.

      1. Hope today is less stressful Patty..hugsx

        1. Ha Ha! What is less stressful? LOL.

          Until this month is over, and I can stop, and regroup, it’s going to be a bit nuts. LOL.

  2. Hi Patty.. I have emailed you but may be in spam again.. I cannot open your file I am afraid as I don’t have that programme… can you put the questions in the email.. thanks Sally. hugs

    1. Checking mail now, and will send shortly.

      All is well, and apologies for the issue.

        1. I’ve not gotten there yet. Been on the phone with tech support for hours, and now back trying again to catch up. Starting to feel like Campbell chasing his tail.

          1. Hope you are sorted Patty.. and don’t worry I can do a quick turnaround…hugs

          2. Well, there’s no deadline and good thing too. I’ve just had a lengthy client conference and just now getting back on the computer only to learn there were possible tornados just a few miles from me. LOL.

          3. Oh dear Patty.. stay safe..hugsx

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