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  1. Hi Patty, sorry to hear that Phyllis has passed away, very sad news and thank you for sharing her post.. hugs Sally

    1. Good morning Sally.

      Yes, it was quite a blow to lose her. Phyllis was an every-day part of my life. I still forget and start for the phone to call her up about some exciting news or to talk about some new writing idea.

      She is going to be hard to do without.

      I like to think that she and her guide Lear and my Campbell are romping about together having the time of their lives.

      You’re welcome for the share. I thought I’d done so before, and may have but it seems that now I’ve got a new blog site name it is letting me reblog again.

      I ran across the link while hunting through my folder for links to put into the Favorite Link of the Month column of my magazine and found it.

      Thanks for having her and have a great day.

      Patty L. Fletcher

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