Smorgasbord Blog Magazine Weekly Round Up – 24th – 30th May 2020 – ABBA, Jelly Beans, San Francisco, Resilience and Laughter


  1. Thank you for sharing Patty and have a good weekend.

    1. Oh. I enjoy sharing the round up because it allows me to share everyone at one time. I also saw a couple things I missed this week. So I have to go back and catch those up tomorrow. Today I am extremely busy with a couple of projects. But I do love the weekend. Have an incredible day.

      1. Thanks again Patty… don’t work too hard.

        1. I had a lazy day yesterday so today I’ve got good energy.

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          Food For Thought

          Let’s observe what the Light can do and reveals. That’s your responsibility, as in the price of freedom is vigilance. Watch, observe, be aware, follow the Spirit, do the best you can with what you know and the conditions present. Check it out.

          -John Morton, DSS

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