Smashwords Smart Author Podcast #7: 2017 Survey Is Out and More

Smashwords Smart Author Podcast #7: 2017 Survey Is Out and More

Smashwords Smart Author Podcast # 7
2017 Survey Is Out
November, 17 2017

Here is yet again, more awesome information from the fine folks at the Smashwords Team.

If you are, a Indie Author, or are considering becoming one, I recommend this podcast series highly.

So, without further explanation I give you, the Smashwords Team!

1. Episode 7 of Smart Author, 2017 Smashwords Survey, is out now!
2. Reminder to erotic writers: please certify your works if you haven’t already
3. Helpful Resources

Today in Episode 7 of the Smart Author Podcast, Mark presents the 2017 Smashwords Survey.
Each year Mark compiles the Smashwords Survey to reveal numerous direct and indirect factors that impact a book’s visibility, desirability, and enjoyability to readers.
These factors are easily controlled by the author. As an indie author, you have the opportunity to tweak and tune these factors to improve your book’s performance.
What are some of these factors?
• Book length? Do readers prefer shorter books or longer books? In this episode, Mark analyzes the word counts of our bestsellers and compares them against the poor sellers.
• What about pricing? What are the pricing sweet spots if you want to maximize readership, or if you want to maximize earnings, or if you want to maximize both? We’ve got that data.
• What about pre-orders? Do books that originate as pre-orders sell more copies than books that do not? If you’ve listened to the prior episodes, you already know the answer to this question — though in this episode, Mark shares even more information on the impact of pre-orders.
• How about the length of your title? Do books with longer titles sell better, or worse?
• What about series? Do books in a series earn more than standalone works?
• What about free? Does free still work, and if so, how can you put it use?
Mark shares answers to these questions and many more in Episode 7 of the Smart Author Podcast.
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Coming up next week for Friday, November 24, in Episode 8 Mark presents The Art of Delusion. All writers, even bestsellers, face dark days when it can be difficult to find the strength to power on. Mark will share 20 tips to help you persevere and succeed.
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You’ll find edited transcripts of each episode at our Smart Author hub page at Smashwords. Just click on the “Show notes” link to access the transcript and supplemental resources.
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A few months back, Smashwords introduced new certification process for erotica and erotic romance. By providing us enhanced classification information for your erotic titles, you’ll remain in good standing with retailers that have specific requirements for which taboo subjects they’ll accept, and which they won’t.
If you’ve already certified your works, we and our retailers thank you!
Authors who fail to certify works requiring this certification will likely see their titles disappear from some retailer shelves some time after January 1.
If you haven’t yet certified your erotic works, please visit your Dashboard today! If you have multiple erotic books requiring certification, you can use our handy bulk certification tool that allow you to certify up to 50 books per screen.
For more information on our new certification process, please see the original blog post at
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For those of you who celebrate Thanksgiving next week, Happy Thanksgiving!
The Smashwords Team

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