Six years dictated

Six years dictated

Today makes six years that I have lived on this property. At this physical address. When I began, I lived upstairs. In the garage apartment. Which, by the way is as big as a house. Nice, three bedrooms spaces wonderful floors. Anyway, I got ready to go and get Campbell while living there. It was the beginning of the end for me and Donnie. Lots of people expected me to lose this place. After I moved downstairs I was in such a bad mental shape I damn near did a few times. With a lot of hard work. A lot of help from my closest friends, my dad, and my work, I have managed to stay right here.

Many things have changed for Campbell and me. He and I have weathered many storms and are standing strong together. We are solid we are happy we are one we are we.

We are now living just the two of us in the main house. I am pursuing my writing career doggedly and not doing a Bad job for someone with no more financial means than I.
Is, after all, One thing to have ability. It is another to be able to put that ability to use in the proper place, and time. Anyway, we are here, and tomorrow I will go out with a friend of mine to pass the time while her husband is gone, and I am dealing with a bittersweet memory. We both need a distraction so it will be something from the dollar menu and companionship.

October is a hard month for me. It is A time when lots of different things have taken place in my life. Some are good, some are not. I am trying to remember all the happiness from all of them good and bad i’m trying to remember the love that I have now, and the love I once had. I have learned much, I am learning to use what I’ve learned. I have made my mistakes, paid My dues and earned another chance.

I tell people quite often I did not dig my way out of a whole. I dug clean through to the other side. πŸ˜‰

I am in a word”proud” of what Campbell and I have accomplished together. I left my job at contact. There were many reasons for that. See</a

If you want to learn about the organization I used to work for. It is still a great place. I hope to help them sometime maybe offer them some advertising etc. This is there a plug for now. πŸ™‚ I had great times there. Learned a ton. Would absolutely not trade One moment, for any other experience. It helped Make me who I am today.

I have published a book. I have created by newsletter. Here is this blog.

I also, destroyed a friendship. Helped destroy a relationship with my daughter. And have suffered some loss. Still I go forward. What else can I do? At least, at the end of the day, I have my home to come back to.

πŸ€—πŸΆ together King Campbell and I stand.

What we will do, where we will go, I have no idea, no way to know.
For now, I am happy, just being here. Windows open, cool evening breeze drifts in. Bringing with it, sounds of laughter and love, from my family and friends. You say, One of the changes, One of the really good things, hey Christmas or two ago, Spirit did bring… Family to live, here too. Now the households us all, as it was meant to. Someday, we may all go from here. For now, this is home. I am way glad to be here.

🏍🚍 these are signs of home. For now, no need to Rome.

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