Six Sentence Story Prompt: Ace by author and poet Marlene Mesot

Six Sentence Story Prompt: Ace by author and poet Marlene Mesot

Six Sentence Story Prompt: Ace.


Ace Counts One

By Marlene Mesot



In the card game Cribbage, the ace always counts as one point. Also, it is always low. There are other card games where the ace can be high, after the king in a run, for example, but not in Cribbage. Even when cutting the deck for dealer, the ace is lowest with king being highest.

All throughout high school, every Friday night without missing a single one, my mother and I played Cribbage with her parents and my grandmother and I were always partners. It seems fitting that I met my husband Al, while being introduced to his best friend, over playing Cribbage, but it was men against women then with three on each team totaling six people.


About Author Marlene Mesot.


Marlene Mesot writes contemporary Christian mystery, romantic suspense, fantasy, short stories and poetry. She has loved writing since early childhood.

An only child, grandchild and niece from Manchester New Hampshire, she and deceased husband Albert, have two sons, two grandchildren and have raised English mastiff dogs and Morgan horses. Their family now has three male kittens. She is legally blind and moderately deaf due to nerve damage at premature birth.

Marlene holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Keene State in Keene, New Hampshire and a Master’s in Library and Information Studies from U-NC Greensboro, North Carolina.


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