Sips of Wine from the Writer’s Grapevine: Quiet Defiance by Butterfly Thomas #PoetryPlace #Magazine #WordPressWednesday

Sips of Wine from the Writer’s Grapevine: Quiet Defiance by Butterfly Thomas #PoetryPlace #Magazine #WordPressWednesday


Quiet Defiance

By Butterfly Thomas



My opposition isn’t always outloud


And in your face

Sometimes I quietly seethe

And wonder

If I spoke out

Would it make a change

Would this time be different

Would it mean something?


And am I any less proud if I don’t?

Am I any less hurt?

Am I any less offended?

Am I any less broken?

Are my feelings still valid?

Still important?

Still mine

If they don’t leave you cowed

Or contrite

My opposition is not always flashy


In secret I defy the odds

I defy your limatations

I defy these bonds

These chains

Of narrow imaginations

My opposition is not always out loud

Yet and still, I disagree

In quiet defiance






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Reviews for The Writer’s Grapevine Summer Solstice Edition: June, 2020.


“Hi Patty,


Thank you so much for the Writer’s Grapevine copy! I’m humbled by how much you all do. And, while all articles were amazing, I particularly loved Phyllis’ one on harmony. So was Trish’s tale of the two cousins, of course fun and sweet.


Nicholas C. Rossis, award-winning author


Contributor/Reader Grapevine Review…

by Trish Hubschman


Three words: I love it! I look forward to reading The Writers Grapevine every month, in fact, I read June’s issue the day after it was posted. Patty adds a special touch to the magazine that I’ve never seen done before. She introduces the next act on the playbill and comments to each piece afterwards. It’s as if she’s sitting beside me and we’re chatting. This makes me smile! The same holds true for the contributor letters. It’s as if the writers are talking directly to the readers. It gives a warm and personal touch.


On a scale of 1-10, I give The writers Grapevine an 8.


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