SIPS OF WINE FROM THE GRAPEVINE – HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAY RERUNS: Dreidel Song By poet Joan Myles Copyright December 16, 2022 – Reposted December 20, 2023 #Hanukkah, #Holidays-#HolyDays

SIPS OF WINE FROM THE GRAPEVINE – HOLLY JOLLY HOLIDAY RERUNS: Dreidel Song By poet Joan Myles Copyright December 16, 2022 – Reposted December 20, 2023 #Hanukkah, #Holidays-#HolyDays

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DECEMBER 20, 2023

Each year when school vacation began, we kids always looked forward to the holiday reruns.

There was nothing more joyous than to sit in front of the TV with a big, buttery bowl of popcorn enjoying the holiday shows.

Today, I’m a little late sharing this time got away from me. But if those who celebrate Hanukkah are like those who celebrate Christmas, they’re humming their holiday songs in their heads for a while.

So, I say to you, happy holidays, and here’s Joan Myles to get you humming along with today’s holiday song.


Dreidel Song

By poet Joan Myles

December 16, 2022

*With Hanukkah beginning Sunday evening, you are probably busy chopping onions and potatoes for your famous latka recipe, and making sure you have enough candles for all 8 nights. Well, here’s a little song as you dole out gelt for a game or two or three of dreidel. Wishing you Sweetness and Light!**

Spin the dreidel gramma spin

Hebrew letters let us in

Nun and gimel

Hey and shin

Spin the dreidel round

Spin the dreidel mama please

Recollect the centuries

Pain or prayer

We bend our knees

And spin the dreidel round

Watch me spin the dreidel spin

each day of wonder to begin

With hope and blessing now as then

So spin the dreidel round

About Joan…

Joan Myles has always been a child of Wonder as well as a spiritual seeker. When she lost her sight at the age of 12, these qualities and writing poetry saved her from despair.

Joan earned a B.A. in Education, a Master’s in Jewish Studies. She married, raised four lively children, worked as a Rehabilitation Teacher, and taught Hebrew and Judaics for over 15 years.

Her first book of poetry, One With Willows, vividly expresses Joan’s child-like joy. She considers her poems to be a kind of footpath for readers, an opening into Wonder and Awe as a means to reclaim their own sense of spiritual playfulness.

Joan’s words also reveal the invisible link between one human being and another, between humans and Nature, between the physical realm and the Spiritual. The idea of the Oneness of Creation flows through her work, the understanding of living in the world as a journey of discovery, of stepping into and between the various layers and levels of existence. the poems in One Glittering Wing represents this kind of journey, specifically through Joan’s yearlong passage from the deep pain of her mother’s death toward reconciliation with Life.

And of course, One Goes to the Sea is her way of asking, “What can we learn from imagination as we dream our days and nights away? And can these lessons help awaken us to Love?”

Joan currently lives in Oregon with her best friend, who also happens to be her husband.

Find her work and contact her here.

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