SIPS OF WINE FROM THE GRAPEVINE: A Special Announcement and Poem Tech-No Thanksgiving by: Marlene Mesot #NewsNugget #PoetryPlace

SIPS OF WINE FROM THE GRAPEVINE: A Special Announcement and Poem Tech-No Thanksgiving by: Marlene Mesot #NewsNugget #PoetryPlace


This Incredible piece of work is being shared multiple places. I’m sure it’s a repeat for some but it’s so FABULOUS, I make no apology!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Good morning to All!

I’m Pleased and Privileged to share with you, an amazing true life piece of poetry! This is just too good to keep!

Thank you Marlene for the Privilege of telling the world all about You and for this Magnificent poem.

Tech-No Thanksgiving

by Marlene Mesot


Two days ‘fore Thanksgiving in twenty-thirteen,

Rain pattered steadily while fog hung in keen.

Next day threatened snow flakes amid wind and chill.

Snow flew around town, but at home all was still.

Wednesday evening our microwave died.

Thanksgiving eve, “No Internet!” We cried.

Black Friday passed quietly in tech-no abyss.

Surely now something is amiss.

They say disaster comes in threes.

What next, electricity, gas, pump, or no heat?

These would be missed in winter’s deep freeze.

Loss makes conveniences seem like a treat.

On Tech.-No Thanksgiving what do we do?

Resort to old fashioned ways, tried and true.

The fireplace needs no wires or frills,

Just add some wood and clean out the flu.

This is no fable, I swear it’s all true.

One year we had no heat, so what did we do?

Used kerosine heaters

And bundled up the kids.

So be thankful for whatever you have.

Technology’s nice but not all there is.

Remember your loved ones while they are still here.

These matter most, the rest, persevere.

Thanks so much for reading my true life poem. I love hearing from readers, please email me at: Marl.Mesot


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Marlene Mesot writes contemporary Christian mystery, suspense, romance, short stories and poetry. She has also written a one act play which is included as bonus material in her novel The Purging Fire.

Marlene Mesot, an only child, grandchild and niece from Manchester New Hampshire, and deceased husband Albert, have two sons, two grandchildren and English Mastiff dogs. She is legally blind and moderately deaf due to nerve damage at premature birth. She has loved writing since early childhood.

Marlene holds a Bachelor of Education degree from Keene State in Keene, New Hampshire and a Masters in Library and Information Studies from U-NC Greensboro, North Carolina.

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