Simon Coates – Indie Author

Simon Coates – Indie Author

Hi Again Readers! I’m really Excited to introduce this most fascinating Author to you! Meet! Simon Coates!

Just who is Simon? Where are you from, and what makes you tick?

I am based in North East England, UK. I started writing as a bit of fun around ten years ago, which became more serious when I published my first book in 2014. Outside of writing I am a keen road cyclist, having competed at the highest level for around 20 years but have decided to retire in 2017. This hobby linked nicely to my writing when I became the first author anywhere in the world to publish a road racing cycling story for 40 years.

That’s fascinating! How is it that you’ve linked Cycling and Writing in such a Unique way?

My writing is based on a idea of what the world will be like, around 300 years from now. Where my idea is a little unique is that it is based on concepts that could happen rather than unlikely things such as alien invasions and robots taking over the world. My books that I have published within this concept are as follows:

Bike Racing into the Red

Set in early-2300, it is the story of one man’s quest to ride up the highest mountain in the known universe, Olympus Mons on Mars. Foreword by multiple British cycling champion and double Commonwealth Games gold medal winner Paul Curran.

The Discovery of love

A romance, but not your traditional soppy love story! Set in North Yorkshire in the early-24th century, it is the tale about two people who fall in love but are unable to form a relationship due to a domineering overlord who bans any relationship between staff members. A tale of what love really means, set in an old-fashioned household in the future!

Formula X Racing

In the 24th century, space travel is commonplace – so what follows, as it does with any transport device, is motorsport. Welcome to the fastest, loudest, most dangerous and maddest motorsport of all time – spaceship racing! The Guidebook is a preview of the 2299 racing season, looking at the teams and pilots competing in the races over 2299. The Diary of Silas Volante is a diary written by Silas as he attempts to win the prestigious Galactic Championship, the competition over the course of year, taking in a number of races in this most competitive of motorsports.

That’s Cool! What do you have planned? I cannot imagine what might top all that you’ve already told us of.

I am involved in a number of writing projects, the most significant one is to write a biography of one of the world’s greatest long distance bike racers, Chris Hopkinson. In 2005, Chris became the first British rider to finish the Race Across America, regarded as being the ultimate endurance test of any sport. Chris has gone on to win a number of world championships in long distance racing. The book will look at Chris’s life and racing, and will also go into detail about what it takes to undertake such a challenge.

WOW! Simon! I have to say, out of all the Author’s I’ve interviewed so far yours is a story that truly resonates with me. I used to do some Tandam Cycling, and while it is nothing like what is written of here, the concept of Cycling meshed with these genres listed here fascinates me. Where can my readers go to see your work?

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