Sight, What Is It and Are Blind People Without?

Sight, What Is It and Are Blind People Without?


Patty L. Fletcher

Feb 20 2016


Hi everyone! Here’s hoping this day finds you happy healthy and well.

I have a story to tell and when I am done, I want you to think about sight and what it really is. People are all the time saying, “I don’t know how you do what you do as a blind person.” Well, after today and similar experiences I have to say, “I don’t quite know how you who are ‘Sighted’ do what you do either.

First off there is physical sight. Physical sight means that when you open your eyes you ‘See’ what is around you. At least that’s what it’s supposed to mean. Then there is second sight, that is sight of a ‘Psychic nature.’ Some believe some don’t. I think we all have a little. We call it everything from that gut feeling to intuitiveness to psychic.

Lots of other things as well. It’s all semantics to me.

Here’s my story today!

I think awareness is a good thing to have, but obviously lots of people don’t. This tickles me to no end and I don’t want anyone to be offended I am still laughing as I write.

As many of you reading this know, I have been looking for my boots since before the bad weather hit. I knew I would need them. Last winter, and especially the winter before when I was all alone, they were absolutely something that I couldn’t do without. This year doing without them has been hell. I’ve had everyone I could think of looking everywhere for them. Today as I began to get ready to clean house I went outside to retrieve my broom from its hiding place behind my screen door which was propped against the side of the house. Would you like to know what else was behind that door? Yes ladies and gents! You got it! My boots! Sure enough right there they’ve been all this time, complete with mud from last use and all! Don’t know how they got there, how long they’ve been there or anything else but there they were. I was happy to see them, but I laughed until my sides hurt. My sister and I just the other day found that broom, and right there those boots were beside it.

Now Sister don’t get upset. I’m not making fun of you or anyone, but I don’t think I am missing out on a thing being blind. Last spring I had another similar incident happen. As a ‘sighted’ friend was leaving I said to him, “Do you happen to see if they have left my meal from Meals On Wheels?” He asked me where they normally left it and I told him it should be on the swing. He told me it hadn’t come and as he pulled out of the drive I decided since it was such a beautiful day I’d sit on the swing to wait for my meal. Would you like to guess what I sat on when I went to sit in my swing? You got it! I can hear you hollering from here! Yes ladies and gents plopped right down on top of the box my meal was in. Smashed the hell out of my BB&Q sandwich. I laughed almost as hard then as I did today when I found my boots.

Once not long ago someone said to me “You do quite well for a blind person.” Next time someone says that I intend to say right back, “You do quite well for a sighted person too.”

Yall have a nice day and please? Don’t feel sorry for me because I am blind. I don’t think I’m alone!!!





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  1. Real good illistration on how sighted folks can be looking at something and still miss it. Being blind doesn’t mean that there is anything wrong with your awareness, I believe that sighted folks don’t have as much awareness as a blind person.

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