Sickness Standby #What’sUp

Sickness Standby #What’sUp

Well, today has been one of those days where just keeping things going has been a challenge. I’m dealing with a UTI and some sort of sinus junk so I’m really dragging.

I’ve finally gotten my inbox whipped into shape for a moment, I managed something to eat and cleaned up the mess of cooking. Have gotten everything together for my part time cleaning lady to come in and clean and do the laundry and now all I want is my great and powerful chair and a nap.

So, off I go to nap time and I hope you’ll all forgive.

I have some great posts to share that I have saved and I shall put them onto the blog soon.

Sometimes one just has to listen to the body and today, I’m listening to mine.

Have a super great day and remember, it’s up to you to make it a great one.

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  1. You’re allowed don time, mistress efficiency!

  2. Woops, DOWN time, lol

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