Showcase Songs for the Pilgrimage by Lynda McKinney Lambert #Friday’sFinds #PoetryPlace

Showcase Songs for the Pilgrimage by Lynda McKinney Lambert #Friday’sFinds #PoetryPlace


Cover Photo for Songs for the Pilgrimage

Songs for the Pilgrimage


Lynda McKinney Lambert


Published by Charles Portolano,

Editor of The Avocet and The Weekly Avocet

August 11, 2021

Lynda McKinney Lambert writes spare poems and thoughtful, personal essays. She is inspired by imagery and nuances from nature. Landscape and art in her writings. She is a retired professor of fine art and humanities (Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA).

Lynda taught a month-long Drawing and Writing course in Salzburg, Austria, each summer. She kept daily journals, and in 2002, her first book, Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage, was published by Kota Press.

During the nineteen years after publishing this book, she published an additional four books.

Lynda returned to expand and revise that first book. The new publication is Songs for the Pilgrimage, published in April 2021. The new book was edited and designed by the Dvorkin’s,

a Denver husband & wife team (DLD Books).  The Dvorkin’s have created three of Lynda’s five books.

Lynda says,

I returned to this first book because I wanted to reveal backstories and actual journal writings. I kept detailed journals, made drawings and photos. I was finally able to do that last year during the pandemic when I was at home every day and could devote my attention and return to each of my journals to find the hidden gems that I brought to the pages in Songs for the Pilgrimage. Poems and writings in the new book cover a period from 1988 to 2021.

My poems often come to me in dreams. They are dreamscapes with intense situations where there is no way out. In those dreams, I am usually in the woods or very high on mountain ledges in wintertime. I am almost always in Austria in my dreamlife.

Many poems are gleaned from personal experiences when I was traveling in Europe each summer. I fashioned my experiences into poetry.

In “A Moment of Calm,” I described what I witnessed as I paused to view a painting by Max Ernst on the wall in an art gallery.

“Köenigsee,” reveals my solitary experience of being on the icy-cold lake in Germany and the ride home to my pension room in Austria that day.

“Sometimes” is the newest poem that is located near the end of this collection.   There is always an inner longing to be at home when traveling for long periods. Sometimes it is lonely.

Often, I imagined postcards and what I would say when sending them to friends.

These are short poems, small enough to fit on a postcard. They describe what I am viewing and thinking about in a variety of locations.

Some poems developed through my research of a particular word, idea, object, person, or place. Some lyrics are inspired by conversations with friends. Like my favorite poet, Rilke, I focus on small items and hold them up to examine them in detail.

Three poems from Songs for the Pilgrimage.

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