Short Term Memory Loss Can Be a Hard Thing To Live With

Short Term Memory Loss Can Be a Hard Thing To Live With

Short term memory loss can be a hard thing to live with. As many know I am totally blind have Bipolar and Fibromyalgia too. Add to the mix problems with short term memory from both the Bipolar, and Fibro, as well as injuries I sustained during an abusive relationship and I have my hands full trying to get through some days without forgetting my name rank, and serial number. Today was one of those days when I should’ve stayed in the bed. I, however wanted to go out. For the last two days my tummy had been keeping me in with bouts of nausea and horrid gas, and so when I woke with a good belly for a change out I wanted to be.

Finally against my body’s painful Fibro  protest I bathed, and dressed. After which I had to rest a bit. I ate and felt OK. I gathered my belongings including the gift card my friend Bobby had given me for my birthday. Then at the last minute I decided to clean out my wallet for more room, and without thinking laid the gift card on the dresser, and after putting what I thought was everything back, left for the bus.

Once I got under way I realized I did not have the card. The driver offered to run back round the block and let me go back to the house, I opted to go on, I had a money order, I could cash, and then later buy another to replace that one, or? So I thought.

Once at the Walmart I ran in to someone I’d not seen in a while except on Facebook, she walked with me to the money center and went along her way. The lady at the money center informed me that sense my money order did not come from the Walmart I couldn’t cash it. “Well, I’m going home” I declared, and had her assist me back outside. Just as I got out the door, the bus was there again and home Campbell and I came. I am drinking coffee, baking chicken for supper, listening to Bad Company on the radio and saying, “To hell with the rest of today!” It’s been one of those weeks guys, so maybe tomorrow will end it. Or? Will it? It is after all Friday the 13TH.

We shall see…

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  1. I can certainly relate and sympathise with the short term memory loss Patty. I have an acquired brain injury which was caused by suffering one too many blows from an abusive partner. Normally I can operate without a problem. Sometimes I may forget how to get somewhere, then that will trigger a panic attack.

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